Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

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If you do not know what to see in Melbourne, but have planned a trip to this fabulous city, read our review. We have compiled a rating of “the best attractions in Melbourne”, based on the reviews of experienced tourists and professional guides.

What to see first in Melbourne?

You can talk about which excursions in Melbourne definitely deserve your attention, you can endlessly. We are sure that every tourist in the city should see with his own eyes such important sights as:

1. Federation Square

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

Federation Square – Melbourne's central square eGuide Travel

The perimeter of the square is surrounded by restaurants, bars, branded boutiques, cinemas, various art and exhibition galleries. In the central part, there are points for organizing social events – one in the fresh air, the second – under the roof in the Atrium. The local amphitheater can accommodate up to 35,000 guests. Under Federation Square, there are railway tracks leading to the famous Flinders Street Station. We recommend that you visit this Melbourne attraction, including so that from here you can enjoy wonderful views of the parks located on the south coast of the Yarra River.

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2. Royal Botanic Gardens

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

A green and picturesque corner in the city center on the south bank of the Yarra River

When visiting such interesting places in Melbourne, you can have fun picnics on green areas or walks along park alleys along dense thickets. After passing through the central gate, you will forget about all the problems and worries. The atmosphere reigning here is really worthy of kings: everywhere you can see magnificent lakes, hear the beautiful singing of rare bird species. Among other birds, graceful black swans are local inhabitants.

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3. Monument of Remembrance

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

An eternal flame burns in front of the entrance to the memorial

The main building of the memorial complex is made in the spirit of classicism, and its appearance reminds of the Parthenon in Athens. The monument rises on top of a hill surrounded by the Royal Forest. The central part of the square became the place for the sanctuary with the Stone of Remembrance. Under the sanctuary, the Funeral Hall is open, in which there are: a visiting center, tablets with a list of units of the Australian armies participating in the Second World War and sculptures of father and son in bronze. The Eternal Flame burns on the square. Only a few tourists who decide to explore this important Australian landmark leave here without tears in their eyes.

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4. Queen Victoria Market

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

Crowds of shoppers at Alpha Queen Victoria Market

On the territory of seven hectares, you can buy everything you want: shoes and clothes, jewelry and souvenirs, national crafts and food. If you don't know where to go in Melbourne to indulge in Australian cuisine, come here. You will be offered delicacies from meat, fish and vegetables, national pastries and fresh fruits. More than 1,300 solar panels were installed on the roofs of the bazaar buildings 15 years ago. The batteries generate 250,000 kilowatts of electricity, making the Victorian market also the country's largest renewable electricity generation complex.

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5. Eureka Tower

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

The top 10 floors of the skyscraper have 24-karat solid gold-plated glazing

Your trip should definitely include a visit to this 88-story high-rise building with residential apartments and an excellent observation deck. The white and black skyscraper with a red stripe and a sparkling crown on the roof symbolizes the tragedy of 1854 – the Eureka riot: its shed blood and gold rush. From the observation deck, from a height of almost 260 meters, you can see the Mornington Peninsula, the mountain, the bay and the city itself. Be sure to include a visit to the local retractable glass cube in your list of what to visit in Melbourne – reviews of such extreme entertainment are always enthusiastic.

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Check out the beautiful places in Melbourne in this great video!

6. Opera House

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

Facade of the Victorian Opera House Mat Connolley

Guides in Melbourne invariably recommend a visit to this Victorian-era temple for fans of opera art. The building was created in the 19th century and has been reconstructed more than once. Arriving here, you will certainly hear the legend about the ghost – at each performance, a chair is always left for him in the auditorium. The ghost is the spirit of the singer Baker, who died here right on stage, performing in a production of Faust.

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7 .National Gallery of Victoria

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

The National Gallery of Victoria is a renowned art museum in Melbourne Donaldytong

What to see in Melbourne in 1 day is worth every vacationer? This magnificent gallery contains paintings by Veronese, Rubens, Rembrandt, Bernini and many other great masters of various eras. In the exhibition halls you will also see ceramics from Europe, artifacts from Egypt, vases from Ancient Greece. A separate exposition includes the creations of the artists of Australia itself, capable of demonstrating the history and culture of the state.

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8. Royal Donaldytong Exhibition Center

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

Royal Donaldytong Exhibition Center in Melbourne's Carlton Gardens

A majestic building erected in the late 19th century during the Victorian era. Included not only in our list of “the best attractions in Melbourne”, but also in the register of cultural monuments of UNESCO. The exhibition halls host both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

9. Melbourne Museum

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

Melbourne Museum in Carlton Park Francisco Anzola

If you want your vacation to be not only exciting, but also cultural and educational, carefully study our following recommendations. We recommend visiting the city museum to tourists of all ages: for children there is a separate gallery with special exhibits, for adults there are halls with art expositions. You can watch documentaries on the history and culture of Victoria at the local cinema.

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10. State Library Victoria

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

Resting on the grass in front of Victoria Diliff State Library

Not far from the library are not only the best hotels in Melbourne, but also a luxurious park with monuments and sculptures. Among the statues are those of Joan of Arc and St. George slaying the dragon. The library itself also deserves attention. The large-scale building with a huge domed octagon-shaped hall used to be the largest in the world – it can accommodate up to 500 visitors. Now the library is also an exhibition center – temporary exhibitions are held here.

11. Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

Huge tank with big fish, sharks and stingrays at Melbourne's Takver Aquarium

A modern facility in the central part of the city offers an introduction to various inhabitants of the waters of Antarctica and the South Seas: fish, scorpions, tarantulas, turtles, penguins and sharks. In a number of pavilions (in particular, for representatives of the Antarctic fauna), the necessary harsh conditions have been created: low temperatures and even snow.

Official website: https://www.melbourneaquarium

12. St. Paul's Cathedral

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

Interior of St. Paul's Cathedral

Butterfield's work from the late 19th century. Both the interior and the facade of the building are magnificent and luxurious: ancient paintings, expensive furniture, chic sculptural groups. In the center of the main hall there is a still functioning old organ.

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13. St. Patrick's Cathedral

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

Towers on the sides of the main entrance to St. Patrick's Cathedral < p>Neo-Gothic cathedral built for Irish Catholics. The temple is a small basilica (in other words, upon arrival in the city, the Pope can stop in it). Finishing materials for interior design were delivered from Venice. The usual stained-glass windows were replaced with amber glass. Construction work lasted for four decades.

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14. G/s Flinders Street

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

View of Flinders Street Station from St. Paul's Cathedral

The main city railway station is located in the center of Melbourne. Initially, there was a wooden station on the site of the current full-fledged station. In the 70s, the building underwent restoration and now attracts sincere interest of those arriving in the capital of Victoria.

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15. Captain James Cook's Cottage

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

English-style garden around the cottage of Captain James Cook

A modest stone house located in the east of the city. The cottage belonged to the D. Cook family and was formerly located in Great Ayton. It was moved to Melbourne at the request of the Australian authorities, who bought the building from England in 1933.

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Sights of Melbourne: what else to visit in Melbourne?

We told you about the main attractions of Melbourne briefly. However, in addition to these values, there are many more places in this city that should be visited:

16. Old Melbourne Gaol

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

The gloomy corridor of the old Melbourne prison Hideki Saito

Any major city in the world can have its own “dark pages” in history. If you crave a sharp and extraordinary experience, head to Melbourne's ancient prison. The expositions feature personal belongings and death masks of the most terrible criminals in the world. An interesting point is that the remains of rapists and serial maniacs are still here – in total, more than 130 people are buried here. There is a legend that the souls of the executed, who have not found peace, still roam the prison and are those who dare to visit their former places of imprisonment. The entrance to the museum is paid. Performances given at night are a huge success. For people with unstable mentality and children under 12 years old, viewing is closed at any time of the day.

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Official website: http://www.oldmelbournegaol.

17 Albert Park

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

Albert Park Speedway – LGEPR car and motorcycle race track

International Formula 1 races are held on this track. In addition, Grand Prix races were held here in the 20th century – however, over time, given the remoteness of the continent from Europe and the significant costs for racers, the little-attended event was no longer organized. The modern park is a well-equipped track that runs around the lake and is surrounded by lush greenery.

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18. Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

Melbourne Cricket Ground at Melbourne Olympic Park

Despite the fact that the word “cricket” sounds in the name of the attraction, in fact, a wide variety of sports competitions are held on the territory of the stadium. The huge complex hosted, among other things, the Olympics.

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19. Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Attractions : Top 20

Entrance to the Melbourne Zoo next to the Royal Park David Hearle railway station

The oldest menagerie in the country, opened in 1962. Initially, the territory was supposed to be a temporary shelter for animals brought to Australia from other parts of the world. Today, various species of animals and birds live here, including exotics and rare representatives of the fauna of the local savannah. Visitors can watch lemurs from Madagascar, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, various representatives of the cat family.

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< h3>20. Crown Casino

Melbourne Attractions: Top 20

Inside Jamesbehave Crown Casino

Considered the best gambling establishment in Australia. The huge territory is located in the center of the city, and every year it gathers at least hundreds of thousands of guests from all over the world. The entertainment complex has several nightclubs, bowling, restaurants, a large-scale concert venue. But most importantly, there are more than 350 tables for all kinds of gambling and over 2500 slots.

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Those sights of Melbourne, photos with names and descriptions of which you have just seen, are included in the list of the most popular and visited. We are sure that it will be interesting for you to take a look at them. Read also about the sights of Sydney and get inspired for your further trip to Australia.


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