Massage room on the waves

Holidayers captured a video of a floating massage parlor on one of the Sochi beaches.

Massage parlor on the waves

Massage parlor on the waves

A floating massage parlor has been discovered in Sochi, but the police believe it is a temporary venture, as the Black Sea will not allow such a practice to be sustained for long.


Visitors relaxing on the shore noticed the massage on the waves. The massage table was installed directly on the SUP board.

Representatives of the Sochi Main Department of Internal Affairs said that no one complained about the floating office, but it is unlikely that it will go to sea again.

“We have not received any complaints, and we do not control the sea. There is a coast guard, as well as a transport police that has boats. This was probably done for a one-time shoot, publication, and hype. I think that it was a one-time event with a massage, since the Black Sea is usually not calm, and such things are basically unrealizable,” the representative of the department said.

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