Mallorcans against tourists

In Mallorca, locals try to scare away tourists.

Mallorcans against tourists

Majorcans against tourists

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According to the Daily Mail, Mallorcans set up fake danger warnings to scare away tourists.

Tourists are warned about poisonous jellyfish in the sea, about falling rocks on the roads and on the paths leading to the cliff. They also put up signs stating that it takes three hours to walk to the beach, when it's actually only 100 meters away.

The signs are written in English, but they are written in Catalan language, stating that the information is false.

A local activist group called Caterva is putting up these signs to protest the “usurpation of the bays.” Activists believe that the authorities of the Balearic Islands benefit from the beaches, not taking into account the interests of local residents. Caterva also blames hotel owners, in particular the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, who owns a restaurant and a hotel in Mallorca.

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