“Like in a fairy tale”: train to the northern lights

New 'Northern Lights' Tourist Train to Launch in November.

Like a Fairytale: Northern Lights Train

At the end of 2023 it is planned to launch a new tourist train “To the Northern Lights”, which will go from Moscow through Murmansk, as well as pass Petrozavodsk and Vologda.

According to representatives of the press service of the Russian Railways, the train “To the Northern Lights” will embark on a cruise to the northern cities on November 3.

The train route is specially designed to allow tourists to enjoy an exciting journey to the northern regions. In Murmansk, especially, you can observe unique phenomena such as polar nights, polar days and northern lights, as well as enjoy the beauty of northern nature.

For the comfort of tourists, the train includes cars of different classes with air conditioning and amenities, as well as a restaurant car where you can taste culinary delights.

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