Leaning Tower of Pisa celebrates anniversary

Experts say the tower is getting straighter every year.

Leaning Tower of Pisa celebrates anniversary

Leaning Tower of Pisa celebrates anniversary

According to information published by RIA Novosti, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, whose construction began 850 years ago, continues to straighten.

This The information was confirmed by Matilde Meucci, a representative of the complex of monuments in Pisa's Square of Miracles.

She noted that the tower is in excellent condition, and its height is increasing by a few tenths of a millimeter annually.

In honor of 850- On the anniversary of the founding of the tower, many events will be held throughout the year, including seminars, exhibitions and music concerts.

Recall that in 1990 the tower was closed to tourists due to the potential danger of collapse. Since then, regular work has been carried out to strengthen the foundation and install counterweights. In 2001, the tower was reopened to the public.

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