Ksenia Sobchak told how her holiday in Bali has changed over the years

The star blonde was on the island several times and Sobchak remembered every vacation in Bali for various reasons.

Ksenia Sobchak told how her vacation in Bali has changed over the years

Ksenia Sobchak told how her vacation in Bali has changed over the years

Back in early May, Ksenia Sobchak flew to Bali with her son. The TV presenter has already published a large number of vacation photos, in which she does not hesitate to pose without makeup and demonstrates a slender figure.

Ksenia shared her impressions about the rest: “The first time I was in Bali in 2004 – and I remember the island with terrible service and wild exoticism. The second time I was here in 2018 with Serezha Shnurov and Matilda – and the island became associated with parties and bars. Now I'm here again, and behind my back is the best guide to the “correct” places André. And so now I see such a variety that my eyes run wide. Bali – it's a special way of life. But everything I love is here: the diversity of nature, freedom, the best spiritual practices and yoga, delicious Asian food»

Recently, Xenia was joined by her husband Konstantin Bogomolov. The journalist admitted: “We work so hard that when we rest, we definitely need several days of complete “wetting”. In short, the beach has never seen lazier seals. I only have enough strength to reach my personal beach house and lie down already there.

Subscribers in the comments were divided into two camps. Some support Ksenia and note that the rest did her good, while others write malicious comments: “Poor, unfortunate, they work so much, the miners are straight,” “Once a month, Sobchak recalls his“ heavy ” work and efficiency .. They say such a bee is a hard worker, “So change jobs so you don't have to work so much.”

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Ksenia does not enter into disputes with subscribers, but tries to tell them something new and interesting about island.

“There are four climatic zones in Bali, there are mountains where it is always cool, and completely different nature. Personally, I fell in love with the beaches of Uluwatu — high cliffs, cool water and few waves compared to Chingu. Here in Uluwatu, the views are fantastic. The area is considered local Malibu. In general, Bali — this is not about the sea, more precisely, not only about the sea, it is average here in comparison with Sardinia or the Maldives, but about the totality of everything: entertainment for children, pleasant prices, super service people. That is, the ratio and balance of everything as a whole is very comfortable, », — Xenia told.

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