Ksenia Borodina gave a new reason for rumors

Star TV presenter is resting in a Turkish resort in the company of an unknown man.

Ksenia Borodina gave a new reason for rumors

Ksenia Borodina gave a new reason for Rumors

At the moment, 40-year-old Ksenia Borodina is on vacation in a Turkish resort. The famous TV presenter plans to spend the whole month on the Mediterranean coast, surrounded by close friends and her children, enjoying a carefree pastime. For example, today is the star of the reality show “Dom-2”. went with a large company on a yacht to celebrate the safe arrival of her 13-year-old daughter Marusya in Bodrum.

The problem was that the girl could not fly away with everyone because of the need to renew her passport. As a result, the star successor was delivered a little later. Of course, Borodina was worried a lot about her child, so as soon as she was around, she threw a party with balloons, flowers and a pool of foam. But Ksenia could not miss the opportunity to please her subscribers with new gossip.

She posted a video with an unfamiliar man and hinted that he was her secret lover. “When she lit up her with flowers,” the TV presenter wrote in the post.

Fans noted that the black-haired handsome man did not look like Trofim Semishchenko, with whom Borodina had an affair in recent years. There was an assumption on the Web that Ksenia managed to get acquainted with an attractive Turkish man even before her arrival at the resort.

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