Ksenia Borodina “even a stylist will not save”

Subscribers reacted negatively to the image of the TV presenter, which she picked up for flying on an airplane.

Even a stylist can't save Xenia Borodina

Ksenia Borodina “can't be saved even by a stylist”

Ksenia Borodina again excited her subscribers on social networks. This time, the reason was her not very attractive image, in which she went on a trip. The TV presenter flew on vacation with her daughters and shared footage from her flight and from the cabin. Many immediately noted that she did not look the most fashionable.

Borodina chose convenience over style and put on athletic black shorts, a white T-shirt, a light jacket and white flip flops, under which she put on socks. Anticipating possible criticism in advance, Ksenia explained that she was cold on the plane, so in this way she warms her legs.

“I call it the style” Uncle Tolya went to throw out the garbage. But I like. It’s always cold on planes,” the TV presenter explained.

However, this explanation did not protect Borodina from negative comments and criticism. On the Internet, they decided that nothing would save her, even a personal stylist, whom, according to rumors, she stole from Anastasia Reshetova.

“Now the rich and famous walk like this in business class,” the followers joke over Xenia.

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