Ksenia Borodina brought to tears on vacation

The TV presenter was genuinely touched by her daughters' behavior.

Ksenia Borodina was brought to tears on vacation

Ksenia Borodina was brought to tears on vacation

Ksenia Borodina spends her holidays with her daughters, Teona and Marusya. The family went on a trip to various European countries. At the start of the holiday, Xenia and the girls enjoyed their stay at a luxury resort in Bodrum, then traveled to Paris and also stopped by Capri to see Xenia's stepfather and his family, who had become close to her over the years.

Now Borodina and her children have stayed in one of the hotels and are enjoying a luxurious vacation. One day they went to sail on a snow-white yacht. This day touched the TV presenter to the core.

The daughters sat with their backs to their mother, who filmed them on camera. Teya and Marusya embraced and then kissed each other on the cheeks. This moved Ksenia to tears.

In her personal blog, the TV personality wrote: “Tears of joy flow from this video. My girls, I wish you to support each other and support throughout your life. So that you always know that you have each other. And of course, the most important thing for me as a mom is that you are happy»,.

Friends and fans were touched and delighted by these shots. Many noted the exponential upbringing of girls and said that “happiness is to be next to each other”

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