Kristina Orbakaite flew on vacation without a return ticket

Subscribers believe that the European vacation of the singer will be prolonged.

Kristina Orbakaite went on vacation without a return ticket

Kristina Orbakaite flew off on vacation without a return ticket

Kristina Orbakaite never ceases to delight subscribers with new content from her European holidays. This year, the singer went on vacation back in April, leaving Russia for the United States to her husband Mikhail Zemtsov and children. When her daughter Orbakaite ended the school year, the star family went on a trip.

The first point of their route was Italy, then they went to Latvia, after which the Russian pop star left her daughter with her mother in Jurmala and flew with her husband to Greece.

Recently, Christina posted on the Web the first photos from the island of Mykonos, where she spends time in the company of her husband. On the very first day of their stay on the island, the couple went to a paid establishment where they could taste expensive wine.

Orbakaite also shared with her followers a photo in which her happy, tanned husband poses with a glass against the background of the beach.

Many rightly believe that the singer plans to stay abroad for a long time, since there is no information about upcoming concerts this year on her official website. Perhaps Christina decided to go on vacation without a return ticket.

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