Koh Samui in November: raincoat vacation

The second largest island in Thailand after Phuket, Koh Samui is a real paradise and a dream for tourists. The incredible beauty of nature and rich fauna, combined with a tropical climate, have made Koh Samui a popular resort of international level. You can escape here from winter to summer, as the island has warm weather all year round.

Despite the active development of tourism, Koh Samui looks like an untouched corner of the wild. This is the main charm of the resort. Coming here, tourists feel like the heroes of the “Blue Lagoon” or “Robinson Crusoe”, although in reality all the benefits of civilization are within walking distance, and the entire island is covered by a 4G network.

In order for the picture of an idyllic vacation created by your imagination to become a reality, you need to choose the right time for visits and carefully prepare for a vacation in such an exotic resort. Kidpassage will help you cope with this task.

Koh Samui in November: vacation in a raincoat

Holidays on Koh Samui in November: pros and cons

Reviews about holidays on Koh Samui in November are contradictory, as is the autumn weather on the island. Someone managed to catch the rainy season with little rainfall, and someone in full “sipped”; Thai tropical showers. It is impossible to predict what the weather will be exactly on your arrival, therefore, when planning a trip, you should rely on other, more stable pros and cons.

So, to the main advantagesof a November holiday on Koh Samui include:

  • Low prices. End of autumn — unpopular time for tourists, so the cost of recreation is one of the lowest in the year.
  • Entertainment. The tourist infrastructure is partially closed, but many cafes, restaurants, excursions still work, so you don’t get bored on the island.
  • The opportunity to catch one of the brightest holidays in Thailand — festival of lights Loi Krathong.
  • Excellent conditions for surfing. During the rainy season, the sea is stormy with high waves that will delight any surfer.
  • A small number of people. If you do not like pandemonium, then a November holiday on Koh Samui will appeal to you. It cannot be said that the island is completely deserted, but in autumn there are relatively fewer tourists than at other times of the year.

Koh Samui in November has many minuses, the main of which, of course, is the rainy season. It rains almost constantly on the island, sometimes there are even floods. Local roads are often washed out, and travel on them becomes impossible. And this means that you have to refuse some excursions, since you will get to the intended locations with great difficulty.

In addition, during the rainy season, visitors are not happy with a beach holiday. The sea is stormy, algae are washed ashore, the water becomes cloudy. Swim in such a sea — a dubious pleasure despite the fact that the water temperature is comfortable.

High humidity and heat — This is a real paradise for insects. Tourists have a hard time without effective repellents. Before settling in, it is also necessary to check the presence of mosquito nets on the windows.

Weather on Koh Samui in November

Weather on Koh Samui in November — December — it's regular torrential rains. Overcast and cloudy days prevail, but you should not relax — ultraviolet rays “work” even if the sky is covered with clouds. Do not neglect safety rules and go outside without a layer of protective cream on exposed areas of the body.

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The weather in early November is stuffy and humid. Be sure to take a tight raincoat, floor-length, for rest. An umbrella can't handle a tropical downpour, but a quality raincoat will keep your clothes dry.

Temperatures on Koh Samui in mid-November remain rainy, overcast and windy. During the day, the mercury column stays at +30 °C, it is hot outside, and warm tropical showers do not bring any relief.

The weather on Koh Samui at the end of November remains the same. In addition, during this period, high humidity is established at the resort, which negatively affects the health of young children, the elderly and tourists with various chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Air and water temperature

A trip to Koh Samui in November is considered a risky adventure, as autumn — the rainiest season of the year. The local climate divides the weather into two distinct seasons: dry (from January to May) and rainy (from June to December).

Despite the fact that the rainy season officially begins in June, the heavy rain season starts from autumn, while from June to August, precipitation is short-lived. In the last month of autumn, the rainy season enters a period of peak activity.

Air temperature on Koh Samui in November

November on Koh Samui — quite a hot month, but without exhausting heat. The average day and night temperatures are +30.0 °C and +28.4 °C, respectively. High humidity causes more discomfort than thermometer marks.

Sea temperature

End of autumn — great time for a beach holiday. The average water temperature in the sea is +29.2 °C. At such temperatures, even babies can swim. The disadvantage is that such water is not at all refreshing during the heat of the day.


November rainfall averages 303.8 mm. The last month of autumn is a rather rainy period, with a total of 16 rainy days on Koh Samui. Tropical showers, although short, are quite intense, so it’s better to take a raincoat with you.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

Most of the time, namely 37% of November, is occupied by cloudy days. Cloudy weather accounts for 33%. And sunny days — the remaining 30% (nine days), so you can leave your sunglasses at home.

Beach break

Koh Samui in November: raincoat vacation

A beach holiday on Koh Samui could be called ideal if it were about any other time of the year, but not about autumn. In November, during the rainy season, the water in the sea becomes cloudy and it is simply unpleasant to swim here.

However, if it is a sunny day and the beach is cleared of algae, then why not treat yourself to relaxation on the coast of Siam the bay?

Autumn Koh Samui — it is also a great place to try your hand at surfing.

Great waves can be found on the sea every day, and on Maenam beaches and Bophut the necessary equipment is available for rent. For families with young children, these two beaches should not be considered, as there is a sharp descent into the water, which can be dangerous for kids.

Snorkelers should go to Chaweng Noi Beach . There are many pitfalls near the shore. When diving, tourists discover a delightful underwater world. In addition, this place is well suited for kids — the descent into the water is gentle, the coast is covered with soft white sand. For children, Lipa Noi, Ban Tai and beaches are also suitableTaling Ngam.

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Sightseeing holidays on Koh Samui

Koh Samui in November: raincoat vacation

Throughout Thailand, there are only two main areas of sightseeing holidays — these are natural attractions and locations, one way or another connected with Buddhism. Koh Samui — not an exception. Those who want to taste the local exotic as much as possible should go to the jungle, but remember that this should be done only with an experienced guide. The views during this tour are simply amazing. If you want to see Koh Samui from above, then there is an observation deck on the territory of Paradise Park Farm.

  • Things to do on Koh Samui with children

< p>It is worth going on an excursion to the waterfalls. There are a lot of them on the island, it is not necessary to see them all, but the two most famous ones, located near Namuang Park, should definitely be added to your wish list. In early November, the rainy season is only gaining momentum, so tourists have a chance to see the sights in the open air.

Tourists who want to get acquainted with the local religion should go on a tour of Buddhist temples, which are many on Koh Samui.


At the end of November, it is advisable to abandon some activities. Jungle safaris and sea cruises are not available due to bad weather. In addition, it is better to cancel the excursion to the Secret Buddha Garden, as the steps become too slippery during this period, which can lead to injury.

There are many places on the island that are ideal family fun:

  • Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo
  • crocodile farm
  • snake farm
  • Pink Elephant Water Park

Holidays, events, festivals

Tourists will find a unique holiday in Koh Samui in November — festival of lights Loi Krathong. On the island and in other parts of Thailand, on a festive night, it is customary to light lit fires on the water.

Each Thai makes a boat out of banana leaves in advance, into which offerings in the form of leaves, fruits, and flowers are placed. It is this boat that will carry the flickering light of a candle on a night voyage. Hundreds of such boats are launched into the water. This is an amazing and even magical sight.

Prices for holidays in November

Koh Samui in November: vacation in a raincoat

The prices on Koh Samui in November are more than affordable. Due to reduced demand, the cost of all tourism services falls to an annual record low. If you wanted to save money on a trip to Thailand, then at the end of autumn you will definitely succeed. 

Price of tours

In November, the cost of tours is almost halved. In December, there is a slight increase in prices (about 16%). In general, the period from October to February is the best time to buy a tour on Koh Samui.


Like all other expenses, the cost of a flight in November will also be slightly less, than other months of the year. At the end of autumn, the cost of a flight drops by 5-7% compared to October prices. In December, tickets can be bought even cheaper.


Luxurious detached villas and inconspicuous rooms, five-star hotels and hostels — Literally all types of housing become more expensive in November. Many hotels are only half full, and for some, 50% occupancy — unbelievable luck.

  • The best hotels on Koh Samui for families

Meals and transfers

With food there are no problems on the island — There are many catering establishments on Koh Samui. Some of them do not work in the low season, but tourists will still find a place to satisfy their hunger.

Here they offer not only Thai, but also European cuisine, which is undoubtedly a plus, since the specific taste of local dishes is not suitable for everyone. Moreover, on the Thai island you can even find cabbage rolls or borscht, as well as real Uzbek pilaf. The cost of lunch depends on the class of the restaurant and the order; on average, the price tag ranges from 50-300 TNV.

Parents of young children should bring formula milk and baby food with them. Due to frequent downpours, roads are washed out, disrupting the supply chains of goods to local stores. It is better to have on hand a supply of provisions for the baby.

A ferry runs from the island to the mainland. The journey takes from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours. Once a day, a boat leaves Koh Samui for Koh Tao. Public transport on Koh Samui is represented by songteo (tuk-tuks) — these are converted pickup trucks with benches instead of seats and a canvas cover instead of a roof. Songteo fare is 20-60 THB. Scooters are also considered a popular transport on Koh Samui, there is even a motorcycle taxi service. A regular taxi ride costs 200 THB or more.

How to dress on Koh Samui

Koh Samui in November: raincoat vacation

The most necessary thing on Koh Samui — it's a raincoat. Durable waterproof boots will also not be superfluous. As for clothes, light summer clothes should be preferred. Make sure that you have enough clothes: due to the high humidity, things dry for several days. For the same reason, it is worth taking two or three bathing suits. And of course, do not forget hats for all family members.

Recommendations for holidays with children

November can hardly be called a good month for a holiday on Koh Samui, as this is the period of the most abundant rains. Thermometer marks please — It's not hot outside like autumn. However, sightseeing and beach holidays are not available, since even in a few seconds you can get wet to the skin on the street, and the Sim Bay is constantly stormy. Does not add optimism and cloudy weather — in November, there are only nine sunny days in total.

  • Family holidays on Koh Samui: tips Kidpassage

When nature gives beautiful November days (or rather hours), then both sightseeing and beach holidays are fully available to tourists. But, unfortunately, this time is not enough to fully enjoy your vacation on Koh Samui.

However, if your vacation fell exactly in November, then you should bet on sightseeing holidays and an entertainment program. You can take a Thai cooking class, enjoy a local massage, or go for a tasting of dishes in Koh Samui restaurants.

Kidpassage article “Koh Samui: all about holidays with children” will help you better organize a vacation on a Thai island, as well as get to know this piece of paradise in Thailand in absentia.

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