Koh Samui in December: winter in paradise

In the 20th century, Thailand experienced a real tourist “boom”; — Europeans discovered this direction for themselves and could not fail to note all its advantages. Since that time, Thailand has been considered one of the leaders in international tourism.

A significant resort is Koh Samui — a corner of the untouched exotic nature of the tropics. It is the lush flora that is the hallmark of the resort — local landscapes are simply mesmerizing, it seems that a human hand has not touched them. Although, in fact, civilization has advanced far on the island and created more than comfortable conditions for recreation here.

If you have planned a vacation on Koh Samui in December, then you should be prepared for the vagaries of nature, because this period accounts for the most unpleasant phenomenon of the year — tropical rainy season. In this article, KidPassage explains in detail how to organize a December holiday on Koh Samui in such a way as to get the most out of it.

Koh Samui in December: winter in paradise

Vacation on Koh Samui in December: pros and cons

You can find both negative and positive reviews about holidays on Koh Samui in December. It's all about the unpredictability of winter weather: some were lucky enough to catch sunny fine days here, while others were wet during the whole vacation under incessant rains.

However, even showers on the island cannot override its other advantages, namely:

  • Warm sea. The water in the Gulf of Thailand is so warm that you just don’t want to go ashore from it. On fine days, a beach holiday on the island can be called ideal.
  • Air temperature. If the main purpose of coming to Thailand — warm up and escape from the winter, then it will definitely be achieved. The thermometer here does not fall below +24 °C.
  • Fruit abundance. Fresh fruits during winter — this is a real gift for tourists from countries with a cold climate.
  • New Year's atmosphere. Of course, Thais do not celebrate the European New Year. But since there are a lot of tourists and expats on Koh Samui, the Christmas atmosphere is created for them every year.

Disadvantages Koh Samui also has in December, and you need to be there ready before the trip. So, what do vacationers on the island most dislike at the beginning of winter:

  • Frequent rains. Showers are quite active until mid-December. The closer to the end of the month, the less precipitation becomes.
  • Turbid water. Due to heavy rainfall, the water in the Gulf of Thailand becomes muddy and dirty.
  • Overpriced. In December, Koh Samui receives a lot of tourists, as people like the idea of ​​​​celebrating the New Year in the “Land of Eternal Summer”. Increased demand affects pricing policy, as a result, the entire tourist infrastructure becomes more expensive.
  • A large number of annoying insects. The local hot and humid climate is great for midges, mosquitoes, mosquitoes and other insects. Be sure to rest with effective repellants and after-bites.

The best time to visit Koh Samui — it's the end of december. After the 20th, active preparations for Christmas and New Year begin, the island is transformed, dressed up in festive garlands and balls. In addition, at the end of the month, the rainy season is noticeably on the decline, showers are becoming less frequent, the Gulf of Thailand is becoming less stormy, and tourists are getting more and more sunny fine days.

Koh Samui weather in December

Weather on Koh Samui in December — January is unpredictable. Often, the long-awaited sunny days are replaced by heavy rain in a matter of minutes. It is impossible to prepare for the vagaries of the tropical climate — when planning a vacation, you should rely only on luck. Someone falls on a warm sunny December, and someone watches heavy rains through the hotel window during their entire vacation.

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The weather in early December is windy and rainy. This is the most unfavorable time of the month for a holiday on the island. In early December, there is a high risk of flooding and street flooding.

The temperature on Koh Samui in mid-December is comfortable for relaxing, there is no sweltering heat that is typical for Thailand. Winter weather — a plus for people who, due to health problems or old age, do not tolerate heat and high humidity.  

The weather on Koh Samui at the end of December becomes drier — the peak of the rainy season is over. But this does not mean that you can go on vacation without a raincoat — insidious tropical downpours on the island can suddenly break down until spring.

Air and water temperatures

The climate of Samui is divided into two seasons: dry and rainy seasons. The latter falls just in time for the fall — winter. December is one of the months with a lot of rainfall. Despite the heavy rains, this period has its advantages. So, the thermometer does not show shockingly high marks, in extremely rare cases the mercury column stops the mark of +30 °C.

Air temperature on Koh Samui in December

During the day, the average temperature on the island is +29.2 °C. At night, the thermometer drops to +27.7 °C. Humidity levels on Koh Samui are also dropping slightly, acclimatization is a little easier than a month earlier.

Sea temperature

The water temperature in the Gulf of Thailand is +28.3 °C. These are quite comfortable indicators for swimming, even small children may not leave the water for a long time. The problem is that it is not always desirable to go into this water — after the peak of the rainy season, its quality leaves much to be desired.


For the whole month there are about 11 rainy days, which bring a total of 228.2 mm of precipitation. December is considered one of the rainiest months of the year, so there is nothing to do here without a raincoat and an umbrella.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

The local weather does not make tourists very happy with sunny days, for the whole of December they are expected to be only about nine, which is 29% of the total time of the entire month. Most, namely 42%, is cloudy weather. Cloudy days account for the remaining 29%.

Beach break

Koh Samui in December: winter in paradise

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December — not the best time for a beach holiday on Koh Samui. During the rainy season, the Gulf of Thailand becomes muddy and dirty — rain streams bring various garbage here, and waves raise sand from the bottom and throw algae and various marine life onto the shore.

Koh Samui public utilities do not have time to bring local beaches into proper shape, so the smell and landscapes do not contribute to a pleasant pastime.

In addition, during the peak of the rainy season, which captures the first half of December, the sea is restless, there are regular storms. Swimming in such weather is dangerous even for adults, not to mention small children. But for surfers, on the contrary, this is a big plus. When else to catch a wave on Koh Samui, if not during the rainy season!

Swimming and enjoying a beach holiday will most likely be possible for those who chose the end of December for travel. During this period, the Gulf of Thailand calms down a bit. However, waves can still appear, so for a family holiday, you should choose calm beaches: Chaweng, Maenam, Bophutand others.

The best places for families with small children are the beaches located in the south and west of the island. There is a shallow sea and a gentle entrance to the water, which make swimming safer.

Sightseeing holidays on Koh Samui

Koh Samui in December: winter in paradise

Koh Samui — a unique place with original color, unusual traditions and simply incredible nature. Therefore, even despite the tropical rains, you should definitely set aside time for a tour of the island.

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The main attraction of Koh Samui — This, of course, is the incredible beauty of nature. The whole island is surrounded by greenery and coconut palms (coconut fishing is just as important a milestone in the economy as tourism). Must visit Magic Buddha Garden— tropical forest located on top of a mountain. The garden contains dozens, maybe even hundreds of different sculptures, most of which depict the Buddha.

  • The best entertainment on Koh Samui for children and adults
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    In early December, it still rains a lot on the island, so you should be extremely careful climbing the slippery steps leading to the Garden and to the gigantic Big Buddha statue. The statue, 12 meters high, can be seen from anywhere in Koh Samui.

    Another well-known natural attraction of the island isHin Lad Waterfall and the flowering trail leading to it. Hin Lad — multi-level waterfall with a natural pool at the foot.

    At the end of December, if the weather pleases with a lack of rain, it would be a great idea to go on a jeep safari through the jungle. But this should only be done if the roads are dry: during the rainy season, forest trails are often washed away so much that even such a powerful “beast” as a jeep cannot make its way.

    What As for family holidays, there are many places on Koh Samui that will appeal to both adults and children. In particular, these are:

    • snake farm
    • crocodile farm
    • oceanarium
    • Pink Elephant water park
    • Namuang Safari Park
    • Paradise Park

    Holidays, events, festivals

    Tourists from our latitudes regularly come to the island. Many Russian-speaking people live on the island all year round, so European New Year is actively celebrated here.

    Artificial Christmas trees and garlands on palm trees, smiling Santas and Christmas markets — even on an exotic Thai island, the atmosphere of a traditional Christmas is created. Moreover, in some local restaurants you can even find Olivier salad. and a herring under a fur coat. Vacationers, as a rule, will not find other holidays on Koh Samui in December.

    Prices for holidays in December

    Koh Samui in December: winter in a paradise

    Prices on Koh Samui in December cannot be called the lowest of the year. At the beginning of the month, the price tag is quite attractive, since the rainy season scares away many tourists, but as the New Year approaches, the cost begins to rise sharply. Those who want to save on their trip are advised to book a tour for the first half of the month.

    Price of tours

    The increase in the price of tour operators' services indicates the imminent arrival of the high season. In the last days of December, the cost of tours increases by 30-40%. In January, prices rise by another 10%.


    In December and January, there is a sharp rise in airfare, as many tourists want to spend the New Year holidays in Thailand. The cheapest time to fly to the island is in November, when the lowest flight prices are set. 


    In November and early December, you can save a lot on accommodation. On the eve of the New Year, the cost of hotel rooms soars by 30-50%. In January, there is also a slight increase in prices.

    • The best hotels on Koh Samui for families with children

    Meals and transfers

    Koh Samui in December: winter in paradise

    Introduction to Thai cuisine — this is a kind of entertainment and risky experiment. Unusual combinations of products, new tastes, abundance of spices and spices, unique serving — Thai chefs know how to surprise foreigners. However, even traditional local dishes are exotic for many tourists.

    If the specific Thai cuisine is not to your liking, then there are many establishments on the island that offer a European menu. On average, lunch for one person costs from 30 to 300 TNV.

    Public transport on Koh Samui is represented by songteo. A trip on this type of transport will definitely be exotic, but you can’t call it comfortable — the flimsy canvas roof does not protect from the wind, and the cabin is always packed with passengers to capacity. The cost of the trip is about 20 TNV.

    More comfortable local transport — it's a taxi. By the way, all cars on the island are air-conditioned. But you have to pay for convenience — the minimum cost of the trip is 200 TNV.

    For 1200 TNV per day you can rent a car. True, you should be prepared for local left-hand traffic. Scooter rentals are very popular (from 200 TNV per day). You can often rent a scooter directly at the hotel.

    But bike rental on Koh Samui is not in demand — it is too hot and humid here, and the local landscape is completely unpredictable descents and ascents. This is not the best place for cycling.

    How to dress on Koh Samui

    On Koh Samui, tourists need only light summer clothes; even for evening walks, warm clothes are not needed. However, it is worth taking a few long-sleeve shirts and light trousers with you. Appointment of closed clothes — not to warm, but to save from aggressive ultraviolet radiation. The Thai sun is insidious: even if it's raining outside, you can still get seriously burned. Be sure to use protective equipment and do not leave the premises without hats.

    Take swimwear and shoes for the beach (it is advisable to bring aquashoes, as in some parts of the coast there may be a rocky bottom). As for shoes, visitors to Thailand will also need sandals for hiking and durable closed boots to explore the local jungle.

    Recommendations for families with children

    Koh Samui in December: winter in a paradise

    Koh Samui — a good resort for a family holiday, but it is better to choose the end of December for a trip. In the last days of the month, the weather more or less stabilizes, beach holidays become available. There is much less rain during this period than at the very beginning of winter.

    In general, there are many hotels on Koh Samui that are aimed at guests with children. The island has a lot of entertainment for kids and teenagers, and the rich local fauna will impress not only children of all ages, but also adults accompanying them. Where else, if not in Thailand, can you ride an elephant and a giant tortoise, visit a snake and crocodile farm, and then look into the tiger zoo?

    If you want to choose another Thai resort for your December vacation, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with Kidpassage's article “Thailand in December: the hot start of winter.” With our helpful tips and your positive attitude, your holiday in any corner of the Kingdom will be unforgettable!

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