Koh Samui in August: relaxing on a picturesque island

On travel sites, you can find the opinion that August is an unfavorable period for holidays in Thailand, since at this time the rainy season begins on the island. This statement is not entirely true, because the weather conditions in the Kingdom differ depending on the region. So, if southeast monsoons really dominate in Bangkok at the end of summer, then Koh Samui has quite pleasant weather.

Today, the island, which used to live only by fishing and growing coconut, is developing by tourism. For the sake of the tropical climate and exotic flavor, foreigners come here from literally all over the world. Kidpassage will tell you about what awaits visitors on the island in August.

Koh Samui in August: holidays on a picturesque island

Holidays on Koh Samui in August: advantages and disadvantages of the resort

Travelers who were lucky enough to visit the island at the end of summer leave positive feedback about their holidays on Koh Samui in August. Indeed, this period has so many advantages that it is difficult to resist the temptation to book a tour right now. What are the main advantagesof an August vacation called by tourists?

  • The weather is great on the island. Sometimes the air temperature rises to +30°35°C.
  • The sea is warm and calm, the water temperature is optimal for swimming even for babies.
  • At the end of summer, many different tropical fruits.
  • Summer — the most profitable period for a holiday in Thailand, because prices are reduced to a minimum.
  • Many people are frightened by stories about the rainy season, so there are much fewer people on the island than, for example, during the New Year holidays.

It is important to note that Koh Samui is not at all crowded , because summer — This is the holiday season and school holidays. There are enough people both on the beaches and in hotels, but when compared with other periods, the number of tourists, of course, is noticeably less.

Are there any disadvantagesKoh Samui in August Yes, tourists also mention minor disadvantages:

  • In August, the number of cloudy and overcast days is added.
  • The increased humidity level is not suitable for every tourist. If you have heart problems, asthma and other diseases, then it is better to refrain from traveling to Thailand in the summer.
  • The island has a lot of annoying, and sometimes downright dangerous insects. Take repellents and fumigators with you. Also, choose a room with mosquito nets on the windows.
  • There are often low tides on certain beaches. And if children like to splash in shallow water, then adults are not at all happy with the maximum depth of the knee. For the same reason, August is not good for diving.

Koh Samui weather in August

Weather on Koh Samui in August — September is quite conducive to relaxation, but you still can’t call it ideal. The island is dominated by cloudy and overcast days, it often rains in the evenings. However, the air temperature is so high that by morning all the puddles dry up. Daytime showers are even pleasantly cool in conditions of intense heat.

The weather in early August mostly pleases tourists, despite the small number of sunny days. A big plus lies primarily in lowering the temperature. From March to June, the thermometer shows record highs, but by the end of summer it drops down the scale.

The temperature on Koh Samui in mid-August is consistently high, there are no drops during this period. There are no winds, the sea is almost always calm.

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The weather on Koh Samui at the end of August begins to change for the worse. There are more cloudy days and more rain. However, weather conditions still do not reach the critical point that makes the rest uncomfortable.

At the end of summer, overcast and cloudy weather prevails, but the effect of ultraviolet radiation is very strong. Be sure to use sunscreen and wear a hat every time you leave the premises.

Air and water temperature

The local climate differs from that of the mainland. The rainy season on the island begins in June (in fact, we can say that since October). Despite the fact that August falls during the rainy season, it is not worth postponing the trip at all, because in fact the last month of summer is considered one of the driest months of the year. There is more sun in August than in many other months of the year, the wind is weak and warm.

Air temperature on Koh Samui in August

The average day and night temperatures on Koh Samui in August are +31.6 °C and +28.5 °C, respectively. Guests of the island certainly will not shudder from the cold. Even in the evenings it is quite stuffy outside.

Water temperature in the sea

On average, the thermometer shows a water temperature of +29.4 °C. For small children, this is an excellent indicator, but adult swimmers complain that the waters of the Gulf of Thailand are not at all refreshing. By the end of the month, the mercury column rises a few degrees.


August is one of the three driest months of the year. In just a month, 5-6 rainy days are expected, which bring with them 90.3 mm of precipitation. Not so much compared to other calendar periods.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

The number of cloudy and sunny days on the island is approximately the same — they account for 44%, or 14 days. Cloudy weather occupies the remaining 12%. However, it is worth noting that in the last decade of the month, sunny weather is much less frequent than in early August.

Beach holidays

Most often, tourists come to Koh Samui just for a beach holiday. Nature did a great job on the local coast, creating a truly amazing picture. Missing pieces needed for the perfect beach getaway, the island government added. As a result, tourists get amazing seascapes and well-developed infrastructure.

On Koh Samui, there are both equipped and completely “wild” beaches. Thailand — a country of free morals, so there are many areas for nudists, and topless sunbathing is allowed along the entire coast.


In the east of the island is Chaweng Beach, which is considered the center of youth parties.  In addition to numerous bars, there are spas, cafes and small shops. Chaweng is always crowded, but thanks to the vast territory, there is enough space for everyone. As for the infrastructure, it is only partially developed here: there are sun loungers and umbrellas, but there are no changing rooms and showers.


No less famous than Chaweng, Lamai Beach is 4 km long. Its infrastructure is well developed, all the attributes necessary for a comfortable stay are here. It also offers a wide range of water activities, massage pavilions, cafes and shops. For swimming, it is best to choose the central part of the beach, where the sand is the cleanest and the entry into the water is gentle.

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Crystal Bay (Tongtakian)

Amazingly beautiful beach, which is located in a small bay. Crystal Bay is surrounded by a dense wall of green spaces that hide the coast from prying eyes. If you want to bring unforgettable photos from your vacation, then you can take them in this corner of Koh Samui. Crystal Bay is perfect for a quiet family vacation, there are no noisy discos and active entertainment on Tongtakian. A small minus is that there are stones at the bottom, if possible it is better to go into the sea in aquashoes.

Sightseeing holidays on Koh Samui

You don’t get bored on Koh Samui, because there are so many interesting things on the island places that are difficult to count on the fingers of both hands. Religious, historical, cultural, natural, man-made sights are found everywhere here.

The most famous sculptures are the 12-meter Big Buddha and Guanyin. These two attractions are close, so tourists usually visit them on the same day. Nearby there is also a statue of a laughing Buddha and an imprint of his foot. A trip to the Temple of the Big Buddha is included in all sightseeing tours, as this is the most significant place on the island.

In early August, when it is quite hot outside, it is nice to spend time near the water. However, a beach holiday can get boring, so we recommend that you go to the waterfalls. There are many of them on the island, but the most popular are Hin Lad, Namuang-1 and Namuang-2. Picturesque hiking trails lead to the waterfalls. Be sure to bring swimwear with you, because swimming in the natural pools with cool mountain water is allowed.

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Among other natural attractions that are a must-see, — Magical Buddha Gardenand Paradise Park. Immediately take the whole day to explore these green areas, as their territory is quite extensive. You can walk in both parks all day, so wear comfortable shoes.

The weather often deteriorates at the end of August, during this period it is recommended to take excursions that are not in the open air. Travel to Buddhist temples where you will learn about local traditions and Thai culture. The most popular religious sites are Wat Kunaram Temple, within the walls of which the real mummy of a monk is kept, as well as the pagoda Laem Sor, Redand Chinese temples.

As for places that you can visit with children, there are also many such locations:

  • snake and crocodile farms
  • Pink Elephant Water Park
  • Namuang Safari Park
  • Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo

Holidays, events, festivals

There are not so many holidays on Koh Samui in August, but tourists will still find some of them. On August 12, the country celebrates the Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. The same date is considered Mother's Day in Thailand. On the occasion of both celebrations, many events, charity events and entertainment are organized. Women are given jewelry with jasmine flowers — it is this plant that is considered a symbol of the queen.

Five days on Koh Samui last Fisherman's Festival. In the program of events — a lot of entertainment, performances by folklore groups, as well as tasting traditional Thai dishes.

Prices for vacations in August

One of the good reasons why many tourists prefer summer vacations are the prices for Koh Samui in August This is the best time to save on vacation.

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Price of tours

In August, tour operators reduce the cost of their services a little. Compared to July, tours are cheaper by 5–9%. In September, the price of tours drops by another 2%.


The closer to the rainy season, which begins in October, the cheaper the flight. So, in August, passengers pay 4% less than in July. In September, air carriers reduce prices by another 8%.


At the end of summer, a room costs 13% less than in the middle. In the velvet season, hotel owners increase the cost of their services by 8%. The average daily cost of living in July is 125 euros, in August — 110 euros, and in September — 119 euros

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Food and transfer

Thai cuisine is so exotic and unique in its kind that it definitely deserves your attention. The cheapest place to eat is in places for locals, usually these cafes are far from hotels, attractions and beaches. In institutions designed specifically for foreigners, the minimum amount in the check will be about 80 TNV.

It is worth remembering that in small cafes for Thais, sanitary standards are not always properly monitored. If you notice their non-compliance, it is better to eat elsewhere.

Songteos — analogues of minibuses familiar to Europeans, but with less comfortable conditions. Passengers pay about 30-60 TNV for travel. The final price depends on the distance.

For convenience, you can use a taxi, but this is the most expensive transport on Koh Samui. One trip will cost about 150-200 TNV. For the same money, it is more profitable to rent a scooter for a day.

How to dress on Koh Samui

Most tourists on Koh Samui manage with a set of light summer clothes. But, in addition to T-shirts and shorts, bring along a few long-sleeved sweaters. The fact is that due to the intense heat in almost all public places, air conditioners work at full capacity. It is better to put on extra clothes so as not to catch a cold from the temperature difference.

Be sure to take beach shoes and clothes. We advise you to grab a light shirt or pareo to cover your shoulders and arms from the dangerous effects of ultraviolet rays. And, of course, you should definitely have hats for all family members in your suitcase.

Recommendations for families with children

Don't trust the frightening information about the rainy season that supposedly covers Koh Samui in August. On the contrary, summer — quite a favorable period to visit the island with children.

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You can swim to your heart's content in the Gulf of Thailand and play on the sandy coast, ride slides in the water park and feed the animals in the zoo, get a dose of vitamins from ripe fruits and the sun, and learn a lot of new and interesting things about the amazing corner of Thailand, Koh Samui.

Kidpassage's article “10 Interesting Facts About Thailand” will make you even more eager to get to know the Kingdom as soon as possible. Koh Samui opens its warm arms to tourists at any time of the year and gives unforgettable impressions.

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