Karakurt in Crimea: what to do with a bite?

The population of deadly spiders is growing.

Karakurts in Crimea: what to do when bitten?

Karakurts in Crimea: what to do when bitten?

Professor of the Department of Ecology and Zoology of the Vernadsky Kazan Federal University Sergey Ivanov reported a significant increase in the population of deadly karakurt spiders on the Crimean peninsula.< /p>

The most poisonous spiders are most often found in the steppe regions of the Crimea, where the ground is not completely covered with vegetation.

Karakurt, also known as the black widow, has a high fecundity, and outbreaks of its mass reproduction are periodically observed . One female can lay up to 700 eggs.

The spider attacks animals and humans only if it is disturbed. At the same time, the poison of the karakurt is more dangerous than the poison of the snake. Its bite causes instant burning pain that spreads throughout the body within 10-15 minutes. The victim has shortness of breath, rapid pulse, dizziness, tremor, vomiting, loss of consciousness and delusional states. In case of a bite in humans and farm animals, deaths are known.

For treatment, antikarakurt serum is used, and novocaine, calcium chloride and magnesium hydrosulfate are administered intravenously.

Doctors recommend cauterizing the affected area with a lit match, but no later than two minutes after the bite.

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