Johnny Depp is coming to Russia

Johnny Depp will visit Russia in autumn 2023.

Johnny Depp is coming to Russia

Johnny Depp is coming to Russia

According to information received from the press service of the group “Yamore”, Johnny Depp plans to visit Russia again. Negotiations with the actor's representatives began back in 2018 after a performance by his band Hollywood Vampires in Moscow. 

In 2020, the band members decided to record a joint song with Johnny and proposed this idea to his management. After several years of negotiations, complicated by the actor's legal problems related to the lawsuit against Amber Heard, he finally agreed to come to Russia. 

Depp's fee is $ 370,000, and a tour of various cities of Russia is also expected . Mikhail Lisov, a member of the Yamore group, noted that Depp is very easy to communicate with and that active preparations are underway for his arrival.

A video meeting with the actor is scheduled for Lisov in two weeks. “It's exciting, of course, although Johnny is very easy to talk to, does not pretend to be anyone, a cool man,” the musician said.

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