Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

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Without deciding in advance what to see in Jerusalem, you risk losing sight of the main architectural, historical and entertainment values ​​of the great city. Read our review “The main sights of Jerusalem”, and this danger will no longer threaten you.

What to see first in Jerusalem?

Excursions in Jerusalem are really numerous and varied. Your journey through the holy land should certainly include a visit to such significant places as:

1. Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

The dome of the underground church of St. Helena (left) in the temple complex of the Holy Sepulcher

Let's start our rating with the most famous sights of Israel. The sacred temple was erected on the site of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Many of the greatest Christian shrines are stored inside: the Holy Sepulcher, the Anointing Stone, Golgotha, etc. The majestic complex is also the headquarters of the Jerusalem Orthodox Church.

Official website: http://churchoftheholysepulchre.

2. Wailing Wall

< p>Jerusalem attractions: Top 30

Panorama of the Western Wall with the Dome of the Rock (left) and Al-Aqsa Mosque (right) in the background

Part of the oldest wall of the temple complex, restored many centuries ago by Herod. Another main shrine of the country, annually meeting hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and travelers from different parts of the world. Among those who leave a note with a wish and offer a prayer, one can see celebrities, important officials, and even heads of state. Your trip will be incomplete if you want to refuse a visit to this Jerusalem attraction. But be prepared for a huge number of other travelers.

Official site:

3. Western Wall Tunnel

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Western Wall Tunnel Passage

An illuminated underground corridor rich in attractions of its own. There is a 517-ton Western stone, the ruins of an ancient water supply network (pools and a canal), a cave synagogue of Warren's Arch. If you don’t know what to see in Jerusalem will be interesting for both adults and children, book an excursion here. Roman streets stretch along the entire length of the tunnel, equipped in the second or fourth centuries. Traces of ritual mikvahs can be found in the limestone walls.

Official website: https://english.thekotel.

4. Yad Vashem Memorial Complex

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Yad Vashem Memorial Complex on the western slope of Mount Herzl on the Mount of Remembrance Dennis Jarvis

What can you visit in Jerusalem for free? The territory of the complex, created in memory of those who died in the Holocaust. 18 hectares of area are divided into several zones of different themes. In the expositions, among others, you can see rare objects of art created by prisoners of concentration camps. In addition to the museum, the complex includes a library and archive, a school for the study of disasters and a research institute for disasters, the Avenue and Garden of the Righteous of the World, the Valley of the Commons. A leisurely tour of this huge complex is one of the best options for what to see in Jerusalem in 1 day.

Official website: http://www.yadvashem

5. Via Dolorosa

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Christ's Ninth Station on Calvary on Via Dolorosa momo

It was on this street that Christ, led to the crucifixion, fell for the second time (there are the ruins of a column at this place). There is also a beautiful Franciscan chapel. The main purpose of the street is to strengthen faith, to remind you of the great path of Jesus, who atoned for people's sins.

Watch the beautiful places of Jerusalem in this wonderful video!

6. Garden Grave

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Garden Tomb Entrance

Many believe that the real tomb of Jesus is the Garden Grave. This ancient Jewish burial in a cave is located north of the city walls. Only a few interesting places in Jerusalem can give guests such peace and tranquility: they come here for reflection and prayer.

Official website:

< h3> 7. Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Burials at the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives

Flat stones and dry earth – all this is an ancient cemetery with 150,000 graves (the first appeared in the 1st century BC). Many legends are associated with this sacred place: about the resurrection of Christ, about the road from Jericho, about the apostles and the resurrection of Lazarus.

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Official website:

8. Tomb of the Virgin

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Facade of the XII century church of the Assumption of the Virgin in Gethsemane Berthold Werner

The thrones of St. Nicholas and Stephen the First Martyr, the tomb of the Blessed Mary, her husband Joseph and parents. In addition, there is an ancient icon painted by the Apostle Luke himself. Arriving here, every tourist can pray for health and happiness for themselves and their loved ones.

Official website:

9. St. Anne's Basilica

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

St. Anne's Basilica in the Muslim Quarter Old Town

The Catholic Church, which became the birthplace of the Virgin Mary. In the crypt of the basilica there are ancient halls that believers associate with the Nativity of the Virgin.

Official website: http://www.seetheholyland

10. Dome of the Rock Mosque

Jerusalem Attractions : Top 30

The golden dome of the twenty-meter diameter mosque The Dome of the Rock is visible from anywhere in the Old City

One of the main Islamic shrines and an outstanding example of architecture. It houses the Museum of Islamic Art and houses the Paradise Stone and the Foundation Stone. The interior halls of the mosque are decorated with marble, ceramic tiles and mosaic ornaments. Along the walls of the Dome are two-story galleries with multi-colored stained-glass windows. Even the most luxurious hotels in Jerusalem cannot match this mosque in its splendor.

Official website:

11 Al-Aqsa Mosque

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

View of the Al-Aqsa Mosque or the Far Mosque with a gray and visually small dome Andrew Shiva

The modern complex with seven gates consists of 7 huge galleries. At the top of the temple you will see a dome lined with mosaics and covered with lead plates. The interior decoration is represented by numerous stone and marble columns connected by arches. The walls of the building are decorated with beautiful mosaics in the upper part, and white marble in the lower half. Reviews of tourists say that you should definitely visit this sacred sight.

Official website:

12. Church of all nations

 Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

The Church of All Nations or the Church of the Agony of the Lord on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem

In front of the altar of the temple is a stone – a great shrine on which Jesus said a prayer at the hour of his arrest. The building is made in the classical style – a facade decorated with mosaics, powerful column groups and a semicircular dome.

Official website: http://www.seetheholyland

13. Monastery of the Assumption

Jerusalem attractions: Top 30

Medieval abbey complex atop Mount Zion Martin Furtschegger

At the top of Mount Zion is a Benedictine temple built in the early 20th century. We advise everyone who is passionate about architecture to visit it – the building is made in the Byzantine and Arabic styles. One of the main attractions of the temple is the sculpture of the Virgin on a pedestal. On the canopy that covers the Mother of God, you can see Christ calling her to him. On the sacred bed of the monastery there are 6 large-scale altars donated to the complex by the States, Venezuela, Brazil and three other countries.

Official website:

14. Upper Room of the Last Supper

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

The room where the Easter meal of Christ and his disciples took place

The sacred landmark also rises on Mount Zion, and is famous for the fact that it was here that the meal of Jesus and his disciples took place. The upper room is an ordinary room in the building, but believers consider it the first temple of Christians. At one time, the building was rebuilt into a church, which is now decorated with domes and marble columns. It was possible to preserve some of the decorative elements of ancient times. On the lower floor there is a tomb with the remains of King David.

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15. Our Father Church

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Temple complex dedicated to the Lord's Prayer – Our Father

The temple complex with the Carmelite monastery of the 19th century, built in the 19th-20th centuries. It was erected on that section of the Mount of Olives, on which Jesus read the “Father of Us” to the apostles. Despite the fact that not much has survived from the 4th century building, the partially restored walls give an idea of ​​the former dimensions of the basilica. The complex includes several living quarters, the tomb of Princess de Latour d'Auvergne (the founder), the monastery church and the couloir. The walls are covered with decorated slabs inscribed with the words of the Lord's Prayer in more than a hundred languages.

Official website:

16. Church of St. Mary Magdalene

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

View from the Temple Mount to the Church of Mary Magdalene Sustructu

The 19th century building still serves as an Orthodox Russian monastery for women. The Hodegetria icon painting and the remains of Saints Elizabeth and Barbara are kept in the stone house.

Official website:

17. St. Peter's Church in Gallicantu

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

St. Peter's Catholic Church at Gallicantu on the eastern slope of Mount Zion Dennis Jarvis

The building of the Catholic church in the neo-Byzantine style, built on the site where the Apostle Peter mourned his crime (according to legend). The gates are lined with wrought iron with bas-reliefs. The courtyard is decorated with sculptures depicting the history of the abdication of Peter and other participants in the event. The most significant element of the interior decoration is considered to be the ceiling with large-scale cross-windows of various colors. There are caves and a chapel in front of the temple.

Official website:

18. Tower of David

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

The Tower of David near the walls of the Old City in Jerusalem

The building was erected by King Herod to protect his possessions. The citadel was destroyed in the 13th century, but later the Turks and Mamluks managed to restore it. They gave it the name Tower of David. Now a museum has been opened here, the expositions of which tell about Jerusalem's history.

Official website:

19 Damascus Gate

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Damascus Gate – the main gate of the Muslim quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem

The gates are recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. They were created at the direction of Sultan Suleiman, and are located in the northeast of the city, providing access to the Muslim quarter. Not so long ago, steps were added to the structure, leading to towers with hinged loopholes and the Damascus Gate, located between them.

20. Israeli Parliament – Knesset

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Israeli Parliament – Knesset – a low powerful building in the central area of ​​Givat Ram

If you are lucky, you will visit the building at the hour of the Parliament sessions and will be able to look at the meeting from a special hall – through sound-transmitting glass. To view the interior, you must present an identity card.

Official website:

Jerusalem attractions: what else to visit in Jerusalem?

We told you about the main attractions of Jerusalem briefly. But our recommendations do not end there:

21. Ben Yehuda Street

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Ben Yehuda pedestrian shopping street at night אורפז מנשאוף

Walking city alley, located from the modern part of Jerusalem. It is covered with souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. Local cosmetics boutiques offer products with Black Sea minerals. Street singers perform for the entertainment of tourists. Young people gather at Ben Yehuda in the evening.

22. Mahane Yehuda Market

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Mahane Yehuda Market on Busy Friday Adiel lo

If you want to experience the true spirit of Israel, head to this famous bazaar. In addition to tasting dishes of the national Middle Eastern cuisine, you will be offered dishes from many other cuisines of the world. Be sure to buy spices and fragrant olive oil, Turkish sweets, pita, hummus, juice from oranges and grapefruits growing right there.

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Official website: https://en.machne.

23. Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Dark pink flamingos and pale pink flamingos at the SuperJew themed zoo

The attraction was built in 1940. On a vast area of ​​25 hectares live those animals, which you can learn about from the Holy Scriptures. Supporting the life of endangered animal species, the biblical zoo is famous all over the world. Now there are about 250 species of inhabitants.

The territory is divided into two levels – lower and upper. For fun trips around the sites, special wagons work. Information about zoo pets is available in three languages, including English.

Official website: http://www.jerusalemzoo

24. Bible Lands Museum

Jerusalem Attractions: Top -30

Tower of Babel by Manel Alvarez in front of the Bible Lands Oren Rozen

The expositions of the museum tell about the culture and life of those states and nationalities, which are mentioned in the multi-volume Tanakh (scriptures sacred for Jews). Objects are artifacts from various countries of the Middle East – Mesopotamia, Persia, Rome, etc.

Official website:

25. Israel Museum

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Model of Jerusalem during the Second Temple period in the Israel Museum

A whole complex of buildings discovered over 50 years ago. On the territory of 80 thousand squares there are over half a million interesting objects of history (many of them can be viewed in the fresh air). A huge area is reserved for objects of fine art. There are such wonderful works as paintings by Chagall, Picasso and other famous artists.

Official site: https://web.archive.

26. Bloomfield Science Museum

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Visitors to the Blumfeld Interactive Science Museum אילנה שקולניק ilana shkolnik

Experienced guides in Jerusalem recommend vacationers to visit this center with the whole family: any prototypes and interactive elements presented can be touched and used for experiments. The museum consists of various halls, each of which is reserved for its own field of science. Film screenings are held in the conference hall, allowing you to broaden your horizons many times over.

Official website:

27 Mayer Museum of Islamic Art

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Facade of the Institute of Islamic Art. L. A. Mayera Adiel lo

9 rooms of the building tell about how the culture of Islam was born and flourished. The subjects of the expositions are crafts, writing, worldview, religion, architecture and fine arts. There is a permanent exhibition, which presents antique watches brought from various European countries.

Official website:

28. Rockefeller Archaeological Museum

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Courtyard overlooking the tower at the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum

The objects stored in the museum belong to completely different times. Some of them are about two million years old, others were created in 1700 BC. The list of the most famous exhibits includes marble lintels from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and wooden panels from the Al-Aqsa Temple.

29. Zedekiah's Cave

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Entrance to Zedekiah's Cave or King Solomon's quarries

In the 10th century BC, stone was mined here to create the First Church. The former Quarry is riddled with numerous corridors, halls and passages. The territory of 9000 squares at one time served as a haven for both sectarians and Masons. Fascinating excursions are being held here now.

30. Garden of Gethsemane

Jerusalem Attractions: Top 30

Walking paths among the olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane Ian Scott

Place of Christ's prayer at the hour of arrest. On the territory of the garden there is the Gethsemane grotto, the temple of St. Magdalene, the tomb of the Virgin and the church of all nations. Once here, you will see all the best sights of Jerusalem.

Official website: http://www.gethsemane-en

Those sights of Jerusalem, photos with names and the description of which you have just seen deserve the attention of every guest of the ancient city. Tel Aviv is another city in Israel that is definitely worth a visit. Read about the sights of Tel Aviv and get inspired for your next trip to Israel.


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