Japan's Funny Restaurants Give Mixed Feelings to TikTok Users

Japan's variety of restaurants has always aroused wonder and interest among travelers

Funny restaurants in Japan give TikTok users mixed feelings

< i>Japan's Funny Restaurants Give TikTok Users Mixed Feelings

Japan's variety of restaurants has always caused surprise and interest among travelers. However, the concept of a fishing restaurant has recently become popular and has received mixed reactions from TikTok users. The video of the blogger, where he visits such a restaurant and fishes, has become viral and has gained millions of views. But not all users approved of this idea and expressed their indignation in the comments.

The Zauo restaurant chain, which was founded in the 1980s, offers its guests the opportunity to independently fish using rods and nets. After a successful catch, restaurant staff congratulate the visitor and turn the fish into various dishes: sashimi, deep-fried or steamed.

Despite the viral video and its popularity, reactions from TikTok users have been varied. Some expressed their disgust, saying that they could not eat what they themselves caught. Others believe that such a restaurant concept violates the principles of humane treatment of animals.

Unusual restaurants in Japan will always evoke different emotions among visitors. And everyone is entitled to their opinion on such a concept. The main thing is to respect other people's points of view and accept diversity of opinions.


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