Japanese Man Spent $20,000 and Became a Dog

Japanese man made his childhood dream come true and went for his first walk in a new look.

Japanese spent $20,000 and became a dog

Japanese spent $20,000 and became a dog

Japanese who spent over $20 000 dollars for his idea of ​​becoming a “dog”, finally took his first walk in a hyper-realistic border collie costume.

This man, known as Toko, decided to fulfill his childhood dream and “turn into animal” by spending two million yen on a costume.

Toko's debut, captured during filming for one of the German TV channels, seems to have been warmly received by passers-by and other dogs. They probably didn't realize that Toko is actually a human and not a real dog.

Toko explains that he hides his true human nature to avoid judgment from those he knows. He was pleased to realize his unusual childhood dream.

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