“It's a clear challenge.” Georgia proposes to introduce visas for Russians

Due to mobilization, tens of thousands of citizens of the Russian Federation rushed to Georgia

“This is a clear challenge.” Georgia proposes to introduce visas for Russians


Since 2012, Georgia does not require visas for Russians. They make up the bulk of the tourist flow to the country. In September, after the announcement of partial mobilization in the Russian Federation, tens of thousands of Russians rushed into the country. In total, about 78,000 people entered and 62,000 people left.

You can stay in Georgia with a Russian passport for up to 1 year. Only those who have a note in their passport about their stay in Abkhazia or South Ossetia are not allowed into the country. Taking into account the absence of direct air communication with the Russian Federation, this means that you can get to Georgia only by car through the Upper Lars checkpoint on the Georgian Military Highway or through Azerbaijan, Armenia or Turkey.

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The bill on the introduction of visas was introduced by deputies of the opposition Lelo party. They were supported by a number of NGOs. They want the Russians to condemn in writing the policy of the Russian authorities towards Georgia in order to obtain a visa. The term of stay is proposed to be limited to 3 months.

“Citizens of the Russian Federation who ended up in Georgia, — This is a provocation. I can't say it's a danger, but it's a clear challenge. Perhaps we will need to talk about visas for citizens of the Russian Federation, since everything is now quite liberal,” said Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili.

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