It looks like it's not the same. The Russians explained the difference between Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada

Tourists often don't know which direction to choose

It seems not the same. The Russians were explained the difference between Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada

It seems that it is not the same. The difference between Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada was explained to the Russians -Sheikh (or Sharm el-Sheikh) and Hurghada remain the most popular resorts in Egypt among Russians. They are located next to each other on the coast of the Red Sea.

Often, tourists do not know which direction to choose. Especially for such travelers, the Rambler.Travel portal listed their main differences.

1. Sharm el-Sheikh. Prices for holidays are a little higher here, because. this is a newer resort. Hotels here are more modern and premium. Tourists are offered many water activities such as diving, snorkeling, boating or jet skiing.

There are also many bars and nightclubs. Often tourists with children are confused by the noise at night along the coastline.

2. Hurghada. Rest here is more measured and family. This is an ancient city with more historical attractions.

Unlike Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada has few coral reefs, so you can’t go diving here. But the beaches here are better: clean sand and clear water will appeal to everyone.


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