Istanbul in June: the pearl of the Bosphorus in the rays of the June sun

Istanbul is one of the most densely populated cities in Turkey. According to official figures, about 15 million people live here, according to unofficial — 20 million. In addition, several million tourists come here every year. Such a large-scale tourist flow is explained by the uniqueness of Istanbul — a city like no other on the world map.

Istanbul — this is the only settlement on the planet that is located simultaneously on two continents: in Europe and Asia, and the Bosphorus Strait separates them. Thanks to this unusual location, many cultures and traditions have mixed in Istanbul.

The favorable location, favorable climate, rich history, multinational cultural traditions and other advantages have made Istanbul one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world today. The city receives tourists all year round, but each season has its own peculiarities of visiting. In this article, Kidpassage has collected a lot of useful information for those who are going to get acquainted with this Turkish metropolis in June.

Istanbul in June: the pearl of the Bosphorus in the rays of the June sun

Holidays in Istanbul in June: pros and cons

It is difficult to find people who would remain indifferent to Istanbul. As a rule, the city falls in love with itself at first sight. This is especially true for those who come here in the warm season. Reviews of holidays in Istanbul in June confirm that in summer the metropolis is beautiful and comfortable for relaxing.

So, the main advantagesJune holidays in Istanbul are:

  • Comfortable weather. In June, ideal conditions are created for both beach and sightseeing holidays. It is moderately warm outside, but not too hot.
  • Warm sea. Despite the fact that Istanbul is not a beach resort, there are several beaches in the city where there are already quite a lot of bathers in June.
  • Daylight length. In summer, it gets dark late in Istanbul, which means that tourists will have plenty of time to explore the city and see local attractions.
  • Holidays and festivals. In summer, the city hosts many interesting events.
  • Fruits and vegetables. In markets and supermarkets, counters are simply bursting with fresh fruits and vegetables. Summer — real vitamin season, so do not miss the opportunity to please the body with figs, cherries, medlar, melons and other natural delicacies.

However, Istanbul in June — these are not only advantages, but also a number of disadvantages. Despite the fact that there are few cons, it would still be unfair not to mention them. Tourists can be upset by the following factors:

  • Stuffiness. Istanbul suffers from overcrowding, and in the summer, due to the high passenger traffic, the number of people in the city doubles. The crowds on the streets and the work of public transport make the air stale, increase the feeling of closeness.
  • The cost of recreation. Summer — the most expensive period for a holiday in Turkey, you won’t be able to save money on a June vacation.
  • Congestion of tourist infrastructure. The main assistant in planning a June vacation is early booking. It is not easy to find hotel rooms and plane tickets for June even a month before the planned vacation date.
  • A large number of vacationers. Tourists should be prepared for long queues at popular tourist places, crowded cafes and restaurants, crowded museums, water parks, beaches.

Istanbul weather in June

Weather in Istanbul in June — July is moderately hot and humid. The thermometer rarely rises above +30 °C. High temperatures are also easily tolerated thanks to the fresh sea breezes that constantly blow over the city from all sides.

The weather in early June creates ideal conditions for sightseeing holidays: the length of daylight hours is about 13 & ndash; 14 hours, and the temperature is still does not reach the peak levels of the month, so walking in the open air is quite comfortable.

The temperature in Istanbul in mid-June rises to about +25 ° C, most days — hot and sunny. Rain during this period — very rare.

The weather in Istanbul at the end of June becomes hotter, the mercury column rises by a couple of degrees, stubbornly striving for +30 ° С. The end of the month is great for beach relaxation.

During your June holiday in Istanbul, do not forget about safety measures: do not go out without a hat, a bottle of drinking water and a layer of protective cream on your skin. After each swim in the sea, reapply the cream to exposed areas of the body. It is better to wait out the hours of peak heat in air-conditioned rooms.

Air and water temperature

Istanbul has a changeable climate, which is characterized as temperate oceanic, subtropical oceanic and subtropical Mediterranean — depending on manifestations. All four seasons can be distinguished in the city. Summers tend to be hot and dry, while winters — humid and cool, but without frost.

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Air temperature in Istanbul in June

The average day and night temperatures in Istanbul in the first month of summer are +26.4 °C and +21.2 °C, respectively. The city is located on both sides of the Bosporus, between the Black and Marmara Seas, and such an abundance of water bodies provides a pleasant breeze and freshness even in hot summer conditions. High temperatures are easily tolerated in the city. Moreover, during boat trips or evening walks along the promenade, long-sleeved clothing may be required. 

Water temperature

Average sea water temperature is about +20.9 °C. The water is quite invigorating, especially for young children, who are advised to swim at a sea temperature of at least +23°26°C. In general, seasoned tourists may well enjoy water treatments.

Please note that in June the Black Sea is not yet warm enough for swimming. The Sea of ​​Marmara warms up faster than the Black Sea, which is considered the coldest of all four seas in Turkey.


Bad weather will definitely not spoil the rest for tourists. It is dry in Istanbul in June, there is not the slightest hint of rainy weather. The total number of rainy days — only two, and the average rainfall for June — 30.1 mm.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

In the first month of summer, the Turkish metropolis welcomes guests with an abundance of sunlight. On average, there are 22 sunny days per month, which is 73% of the total. The length of daylight hours is 14.9 & ndash; 15.1 h — this gives vacationers a lot of time to get to know the city, beach and sightseeing holidays. Cloudy days take up 20%, and cloudy weather remains only 7% of June.

Beach holidays in Istanbul

Istanbul is not a beach resort. Tourists focused specifically on seaside recreation are advised to consider the regions of the Antalya coast. In the most densely populated city of the country, which is also a major port, the purity of sea water leaves much to be desired, the environmental conditions on city beaches are far from ideal. In addition, Istanbul's beaches are always flooded with vacationers, in summer it is impossible to find a free place.

But still, there are several comfortable beaches in Istanbul and its environs.

Gunesh Beach in Florya (European part of Istanbul), Florya Güneş, is located on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara. The beach is paid, the price includes the rental of sunbeds and umbrellas. Separately, you need to pay extra for the use of luggage storage. Children under 7 years old enter the territory for free. Gunesh is open for visiting until 19:00. The infrastructure of Florya Güneş is well developed, there are sun loungers and umbrellas, changing rooms, showers, two cafes, a volleyball court

Another popular city beach — Çiroz Halk Plajı — located in Yesilkei. Entrance to the territory is free. The beach has everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Beaches of Jaddebostan— Caddebostan Plaj — located in the Kadikoy area, in the Asian part of the city. Entrance to them is free. Visitors can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, use changing cabins, showers, and toilets. Jaddebostan is well suited for a family holiday, as it is shallow, the water warms up quickly, and the waves are rare.

If possible, it is better to look for beach relaxation outside of Istanbul. An excellent option would be to rest on the Princes' Islands or in the village of Kilyos, located on the Black Sea coast. 

Sightseeing holidays in Istanbul

Istanbul in June: the pearl of the Bosphorus in the rays of the June sun

Most tourists come to Istanbul just for impressions and excursions. Throughout the city there is a huge number of attractions: mosques and temples, basilicas, museums, ancient buildings and architectural monuments, picturesque parks and oriental bazaars.

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At the beginning of June, while there is still no strong heat, it is recommended to pay attention to the streets of Istanbul, which can rightly be called separate sights of the city. So, in the European part, it is worth taking a walk around the Beyoğlu district and its main street, Istiklal.

The pearl of this area is the Galata Tower, built back in 1348. At the top of the tower there is an observation deck that offers a magnificent panoramic view of the city.

Another interesting architectural structure of Beyoglu — Kamondo stairsconnecting quarters. The unusual shape of the staircase attracts attention and serves as an excellent decoration for a photo.

Visitors of Beyoglu are also advised to look at Taksim Square, where there is Independence Monument, a park, a mosque , art gallery, etc.

Feature of Kadikoy districtin the Asian part of Istanbul lies in a large number of graffiti. Kadykey embankment — a great place for contemplating the Bosphorus, huge stones are installed on the embankment, on which picnics are often arranged. In the Kadikoy area there is an interesting statue — the same bronze bull, near which meetings are scheduled, with which they are photographed and which can often be seen on the covers of tourist booklets.

Art lovers should visit Craftsmen Street(Sanatçılar sokağı), where you can see artists, sculptors and other creators at work right under the open sky. Antique Street (Antikacılar sokağı) will also be interesting for tourists.

And, of course, the historical center of Sultanahmet is a must-see, where the most iconic sights of the city are located: the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia (now the temple has been turned into a mosque), Topkapi Palace, the Archaeological Museum and others.

< p>At the end of June, it is pleasant to hide from the heat in one of the city parks, the most famous of which is Gulhane Park. Previously, it was part of the Topkapı Palace Complex. In the middle of the 19th century, the park was almost completely destroyed by a strong fire. The renovated and completely changed park opened only in 2003. More than 80,000 rose bushes have been planted here, which fill Gulhane with a breathtaking aroma every year during the flowering season. The park has pavilions and benches for relaxation, beautiful fountains and carved bridges, sculptures and historical monuments, such as the ruins of a Byzantine cistern.

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Another popular park is Fenerbahce(Fenerbahçe Parkı). Hundreds of flowerbeds with tulips, roses and other flowers have been planted here, a cafe with the telling name “Romance” is open, but the main highlight of Fenerbahce — its inhabitants. The park has houses for cats, of which there are, by the way, a myriad.

There are many family-friendly places in Istanbul. Parents with children are recommended to visit:

  • Miniaturk miniature park
  • Ataturk Arboretum
  • Vialand Amusement Park
  • Dolphinarium
  • TurquaZoo
  • LEGOLAND Discovery Centre< /strong>
  • Toy Museum

Holidays, events, festivals

Tourists will definitely catch the holidays in Istanbul in June, since summer is in Turkey &mdash ; time for fun and entertainment. From June to August, the city hosts the International Music Festival, which traditionally opens with a jazz concert.

Art lovers will also enjoy the International Ballet Competition (İstanbul Uluslararası Bale Yarışması). Among other things, shopping festival (İstanbul Shopping Fest) starts in June, during which large shopping centers operate 24/7 and offer huge discounts on goods.

Rest prices June

Istanbul in June: the pearl of the Bosphorus in the rays of the June sun

Prices in Istanbul in June are not yet the highest of the year, but are already rapidly moving towards this indicator. You won't be able to save money on holidays in the summer, as this is the peak tourist season in Turkey.

Price of tours

In June, tours rise in price by 23% compared to May. In July, travel agencies increase prices by another 10%. Holidays rise in price until mid-September, and only in October the cost goes down.


The price increase of air tickets starts in May and continues until autumn. Airfare peaks in July — August. Mid and late summer — this is the most expensive period to travel to Turkey.


At the beginning of summer, all types of accommodation rise in price: from hostels to five-star hotels and luxury resorts. But the problem lies not only in the inflated price tags, but also in the lack of empty seats. It is unlikely that you will be able to find a room for a couple of days, so it is recommended to book accommodation at least a few weeks before the trip.

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Meals and transfers

Even with a minimal budget in Istanbul, it is impossible to stay hungry. A hearty snack of street food costs only 15-20 liras here. At the same time, Turkish fast food not only satisfies hunger, but also gives real gastronomic pleasure. Lunch in a middle-class cafe costs about 30-50 liras, but for dinner in a good restaurant you will have to pay at least 200 liras.

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In Istanbul, it is quite possible to do without a private car, as the local public transport system is developed at the highest level. For 3–5 liras, passengers will be delivered to any point in the city by buses or dolmuches. However, it should be noted that this is not the most convenient mode of transport, especially in the summer heat. Buses in Istanbul are always crowded, find a free seat — task with an asterisk. And to ride in a crowded bus in a thirty-degree heat — dubious pleasure.

Much nicer in a cool subway. Trams are also an alternative to buses, which are usually less busy. The city has a funicular, water transport works. Several taxi services quickly and inexpensively (3 lira for landing and 2 lira for each subsequent kilometer) will take you anywhere in Istanbul.

How to dress in Istanbul

Istanbul in June: the pearl of the Bosphorus in the rays of the June sun

At the beginning of summer in Istanbul, it is comfortable to wear T-shirts, shorts and light trousers, dresses and sundresses. But such clothes are suitable only for daytime walks. In the evenings it gets cool in the city, there is a desire to warm up, so you need to put jeans and a couple of warm sweaters in your suitcase. Just in case, you should take demi-season pajamas for children — in Istanbul, even in June, sometimes there are cold nights.

Hats for all family members are mandatory, as well as sunscreen. Security — one of the main guarantees of a successful holiday.

It is worth bringing swimwear and beach accessories. Even if tourists do not have the opportunity to travel to nearby resorts or visit city beaches, you can always swim in the pool or visit the water park.

Recommendations for families with children

June — a great month for a family vacation in Istanbul, but only if you are not afraid of crowds and the lack of a comfortable beach holiday. Those who come here for excursions, impressions and oriental flavor will definitely like the June vacation in the million-plus city of Turkey. There are so many interesting things for children and adults here that even a month will not be enough to visit all the local attractions.

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