Is pregnant Olga Kuzmina moving abroad?

Olga Kuzmina told why she and her husband came to Argentina.

Is pregnant Olga Kuzmina moving abroad?

Is pregnant Olga Kuzmina moving abroad?

Star of the series “Kitchen” Olga Kuzmina, the wife of showman Evgeny Apanasevich, is awaiting the birth of her second child. The family recently moved to Argentina from Russia.

Olga shared her plans and stated that they were not going to stay in Argentina forever. In two months, the couple plans to return home, where their friends and family are waiting for them. She also emphasized that the decision to give birth in Argentina was made carefully and discussed with a medical specialist.

Fans of the actress began to discuss this idea. Some speculated that the family left so that the child could obtain Argentine citizenship, as required by the country's laws. However, Olga did not specify the reason for choosing Argentina for childbirth.

She also already managed to give a short tour of her rented house in Argentina on her personal page. In the video, Olga showed several bedrooms, restrooms, dressing rooms and a large courtyard with a veranda. The actress mentioned that she and her husband looked at about ten apartments and chose this house, which they liked so much that they didn’t even ask the price and immediately signed a lease agreement

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