Is Aiza not going to return to Moscow?

Instadiva is busy building a house abroad.

Isa is not going to return to Moscow?

Isa is not going to return to Moscow?

< p>TV presenter and former Gufa Aiza-Liluna-Ai told subscribers that she was not returning to Moscow with her sons due to problems with housing.

Recall that in March, Aiza shared that she had invested 2 million rubles in a house on Bali. The blogger bought a plot of land with an area of ​​150 square meters for 10 years.

Now Aiza is building a house. According to her, she cannot give up construction, as this is her investment in the future. In the future, the TV presenter plans to rent out the house, while she will personally look for tenants.

Aiza emphasized the fact that renting even the worst villas in Bali costs about 300 thousand. a clean, classy villa, then you can rent it out for a good amount. Naturally, I invested in it, — she commented.

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