Irina Pegova went to Belarus

Movie star spoke about divorce and health problems.

Irina Pegova went to Belarus

Irina Pegova went to Belarus

Irina Pegova is one of the most sought after Russian actresses at the moment. This year she will appear in a record number of films.

In addition to working in the theater and filming, Pegova also finds time to communicate with her 17-year-old daughter Tatyana. However, she does not have enough time for her personal life, but, according to the actress herself, she is not looking for a husband.

After her divorce from Dmitry Orlov, Irina says that her life has changed, but has not become worse. For her, marital status does not affect her happiness.

Recently it became known that the actress had problems with her eyesight, probably due to sudden weight loss. Now she has to wear glasses when reading.

A few days ago, Irina went to Belarus on business. She posted a photo taken in a beautiful house in Minsk. Whether she came for the sake of new shootings or took a break for rest is unknown.

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