Injured foreign climber rescued on Mount Kazbek

A lone foreign tourist was accidentally discovered on Mount Kazbek in North Ossetia.

Injured foreign climber rescued on Mount Kazbek

Injured foreign climber rescued on Mount Kazbek

An injured foreign climber found by tourists on Mount Kazbek was evacuated by helicopter, reports GUMChS in North Ossetia.

He was discovered by a group of climbers from St. Petersburg at an altitude of 3.5 thousand meters during the ascent. Later, a Mi-8 helicopter from the Mineralnye Vody flew in for him.

“After finding the victim at an altitude of 3500 meters, the helicopter approached his location, the rescuers went down with a winch and took the victim on board. The tourist with a leg injury was handed over to the ambulance staff,” the agency said.

Deputy head of the republican search and rescue service Ruslan Pliev specified in the video that the victim is presumably a citizen of the Netherlands. He suffered an ankle injury and could not walk on his own.

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