India will cease to exist?

The Indian authorities have decided to return to the country its historical name – Bharat.

Will India cease to exist?

Will India cease to exist?

It is expected that the relevant resolution will be announced during the special session of Parliament, scheduled for the period from September 18 to 22.

The Chairman of the Indian National Congress, Jairam Ramesh, noted that now Article One of the Constitution can be changed as follows: “Bharat , that is, India, should be a Union of States.

It is also noted that the official invitations to the G20 summit dinner were sent on behalf of President Bharat, and not India.

Representatives of Parliament declared: “The British have renamed Bharat India… Our country has been known for a millennium as Bharat… The name India was colonial and symbolizes slavery. The name India should be removed from the Constitution.

The adoption of a resolution to rename the country will require a majority vote in both houses of Parliament. The Constitution will then be amended to address the phrase “Government of India” in at least ten places.

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