Increase in passenger traffic in Sochi

Experts expect an influx of travelers during the May holidays.

Increasing passenger traffic in Sochi

Increasing passenger traffic in Sochi

According to the director of aviation commerce of the Aerodinamika Group of Companies, Alexander Nikonov, during the May holidays, Sochi International Airport will serve about 500 thousand passengers.

As he noted, this figure is 30 percent higher than last year's figure for the same period. During the holidays, it is planned that the airport will serve more than three thousand flights. Judging by the forecasts, on May 6, passenger traffic will reach 40 thousand people, which is without a doubt the maximum figure. 

At the moment, Sochi Airport named after V.I. Sevastyanova serves as a transit hub, as it is the only operating airport in the south of Russia.

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