In Imperia Tower, they played a quiz with the author of the best-selling book “Rules of Merge”

Intellectual party based on the spy must-read “Rules of Merge” by Ostap Stuzhev brought together dozens of fans of modern detectives on the 58th floor of the Empire Tower

Quiz with bestselling author of The Merge Rules /></p>
<p><i>Imperia Tower played a quiz with the author of the bestselling book The Rules of Merge</i></p>
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Here under the guidance of the owner of the “Crystal Owl”, an expert in the club “What? Where? When? Boris Belozerov hosted a game and a meeting with the author of the bestseller.

Quiz was played at Imperia Tower with bestselling author of The Merge Rules /></p>
<p style=The adventurous crime novel was published in December last year, and after three weeks, stores needed an additional print run. The debutant author, Ostap Stuzhev, a resident of the City and a specialist in the field of M&A (merdgers and acquisitions) – “mergers and acquisitions”, presented the reader with a dashing love-crime plot, combined with excellent biting language, literary reflecting the major era of the 2010s , with an unexpected happy ending when you don't even think about it…


Imperia Tower played a quiz with bestselling author of The Merge Rules /></p>
<p>A connoisseur of intellectual games and the owner of the famous prize “Crystal Owl” Boris Belozerov created a special quiz game based on the novel, in which journalists, young politicians, business representatives and, of course, experts in the field of “mergers and acquisitions” fought, after which the guests played three rounds of an exciting quiz, celebrated the release of the novel “Rules Merzhda» and received unique autographs from the enigmatic Ostap Stuzhev.</p>
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A quiz was played at Imperia Tower with bestselling author of The Merge Rules /></p>
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O. Stuzhev — a pseudonym taken by the author from the old name of the street in the Patriarch's Ponds area, where he lived until 2004 and is still registered. Now Ostuzhev Street has been renamed. Real name and surname — Zotchik Ivan Nikolaevich Born October 18, 1963. Together with the general education school, he graduated from the physics and mathematics correspondence school at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in Dolgoprudny.  From 1982 to 1984 he served in the army. After demobilization, he entered the State Central Institute of Physical Culture of the Order of Lenin, from which he graduated with a degree in wrestling.

He began his career even before serving in the army and continued it at the Presnensky Machine-Building Plant, from where he transferred to the Krasnopresnensky District Committee of the Komsomol in the Department of Sports and Defense Mass Work, which he headed in 1987. After 1991, he was engaged in business and was one of the founders and vice president of the First Security Concern “PFZ RODON”.

Currently not active in business, occasionally giving private consultations on M&A (merdgers and acquisitions). Married. Three children. He loves sports, is fond of motocross, goes to the track on a sports bike. He traveled extensively in Europe and America. In addition to his native Russian language, he is fluent in Spanish, French and English. “Merge Rules”  creative debut of the author. Next novel coming soon


Quiz was played at Imperia Tower with bestselling author of The Merge Rules /></p>
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