How to safely get to Crimea

Experts have identified the safest way to travel to Crimea in the summer of 2023.

How to get to Crimea safely

How to get to Crimea safely

According to traveler and travel expert Alexei Balyasnikov, the safest way for tourists to get to Crimea is by train.

He noted that travelers should be aware that it can be unsafe near ports and military installations, so it is important to know where and what objects are located in order to minimize all possible risks.

However, Balyasnikov expressed confidence in that the city beaches in Crimea, located far from ports and military installations, are calm and safe.

Recall that earlier the President of the Russian Union of Tourism Industry Ilya Umansky said that Crimean hotels would extend free accommodation for tourists who stayed on the peninsula due to the incident on the Crimean bridge. He also clarified that all Crimean hoteliers expressed their readiness to help tourists and resolve the issue of extending their stay.

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