How to buy a cheap tour in the UAE?

Fans of 40-degree heat can buy a tour for only 56 thousand rubles.

How to buy a cheap tour in the UAE?

How to buy a cheap tour in the UAE?

< p>Russian tour operators reduce prices for tours to the Emirates before the start of the holiday season. Now you can find a profitable offer, according to which vouchers for 4-7 nights will cost you from 56 to 67 thousand rubles.

Alexan Mkrtchyan, Vice President of the Alliance of Travel Agencies (ATA) of Russia, spoke about the reasons for the fall in prices for tours in the UAE: & nbsp; “There is a seasonal decline in prices in the United Arab Emirates. Every year for the past two or three decades at the beginning of June — at the end of May, prices for accommodation are sharply reduced. There is a discount of 30-40 percent for four-five star hotels. For hotels one-two-three stars, less — about 20-30 percent. That room that used to cost $500 a night starts at $300, a splendid reduction.”

“There are always people who want to. I don't remember a summer when we didn't have people who wanted [to go] to the Emirates. Even in July, even when it's 45 [degrees] in the shade, and it's hard to find shade in the desert. If doctors don’t put you in bans, if your body is ready for hot temperatures, please welcome to the Emirates for those prices that you will never get in November, December and January,” added the ATA Vice President.

The second reason for the price reduction — a large number of flights: “Airlines have delivered more flights than they need, and airfare is going down. It is clear that this will not be long. Airlines will remove unnecessary flights, put them on the right destinations, for example, on the same Egypt. In the summer, it turned out that very few countries are open to Russians, and now there is a large oversupply of flights, — concluded the vice-president of ATA.

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