How much does a trip to St. Petersburg cost in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

How much is a trip to St. Petersburg in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

As soon as the idea was born to write how much a trip to St. Petersburg costs and what are the prices in St. Petersburg in 2022, I immediately remembered my favorite game – to look at the city where you live , through the eyes of a tourist. I’ll imagine that I’m going on vacation to get acquainted with the city on the Neva: we’ll find out how much a trip to St. Petersburg will cost on our own and how much money to take with us to St. Petersburg.

So, my trip to St. Petersburg is for 3 days, I’ll estimate the budget for two, but I will add the nuances of traveling with children.

Air tickets to St. Petersburg

It is more convenient and faster to fly by plane. You can evaluate all the offers from the airport closest to you and buy a ticket at

To get a budget trip to St. Petersburg, focus on off-season dates – November, December before the New Year, the beginning of spring. From Kazan, for example, on these dates you can fly for 5,000 rubles round-trip. If you want to catch Peterhof and Champ de Mars in green colors, look at airline sales (on Black Friday, for example).

  • The average cost of air tickets to St. Petersburg in the summer (we take the city from the European part of Russia as the point of departure) is from 10,000 to 12,000 rubles per person in both directions.

From Moscow, it is easier to get to St. Petersburg on Sapsan : no need to waste time on the road from and to the airport and energy for endless inspections and waiting for luggage. From the center to the center by rail can be reached in 3.5 hours and from 3500 rubles one way. A week before and after the birthday, there is a 30% discount for the birthday boy and three people.

Another option is to take the bus. It is cheaper than by train – 1500 rubles per seat. But!.. Evaluate your options: the travel time is 9 hours from Moscow and 21(!) hours from Kazan.

Housing prices in St. Petersburg

How much does a trip to St. Petersburg cost in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

How much is a trip to St. Petersburg in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

In general, in central St. Petersburg – right on Nevsky Prospekt – there are many inexpensive accommodation options. Thanks to communal apartments, whose tiny rooms were converted into budget hostels, hotels and apartments.

Housing search engines find the cheapest places for 1000 rubles (!) per night for two in February and from 2000 rubles in June. Here are three main services for booking hotels in Russia instead of Booking:

  • Ostrovok
  • Yandex.Travel
  • Hotelluk

< p style="text-align: center;">Prices in St. Petersburg for housing (per day in the summer season):

< td>Hotel 3*


Center In residential area
1-room apartment from 5000 rubles from 1500 rubles
Hostel from 700 rubles from 700 rubles
from 5000 rubles from 2000 rubles
Hotel 4* from 7000 rubles from 3200 rubles
Hotel 5* from 15 000 rubles from 10,000 rubles

Advice time! Petersburg is one of the most touristic cities in the country, and for this reason (although I hope not only for it), dozens of friends come to me every year. I have accumulated some recommendations from their experience – “oh, you should only see this number! urgently book for the weekend” – and the names of hotels and hostels that every Petersburger knows about.

First – decent hostels:

  • Kino-hostel on Pushkinskaya – a cozy, clean hostel with an excellent rating; inside the hostel classic – women's/men's rooms for four and mixed for eight from 700 rubles – and double rooms like in hotels from 2600 rubles.
  • Friends Light – the network of hostels “Friends” is synonymous with budget St. Petersburg; the number of beds in dormitory rooms is from 6 to 10 (at a price of 900 rubles per person), and a separate room with a double bed for a loved one will cost 4200 rubles.

Then – hotels in the center , from which you even more want to fly to St. Petersburg:

  • 3* The Faces on the Moika – I suggest you just look at the photos of the hotel using the link, take into account the high rating, the glory of one of the most beautiful hotels in St. Petersburg and adequate price even in summer – and I think I “sold” this option to you 🙂 Plus, there is free parking nearby.
  • Friends Loft – yes, Friends also owns a chain of hotels, in addition to hostels. Of the 6 hotels, I single out this one because I personally stayed: all the rooms are located in the attic under the “oblique” roof (I really like it), the rooms are cozy, clean and warm (even in winter), and the common lobby-living room is an exhibition sample from ikea, which you want to copy home.
  • 4* The Brothers Karamazov is also the center of everything with bonuses in the form of the metro and all attractions within direct reach.
  • 4* Angleterre – the name speaks for itself: it must be something with “wow!” view, rich interior and excellent service. So it is – this is a reliable hotel that will definitely not let you down, but also the highest price tag on the list.

And the last tip. In this article you will find even more recommendations and find out which districts of St. Petersburg are suitable for a trip on a budget basis, where it takes the least time to travel, and where to choose accommodation for the first time in the city.

Apartments in St. Petersburg

How much does a trip to Peter in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

How much does a trip to St. Petersburg cost in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

You can gain even greater autonomy and move into private apartments. Feel free to enter the front door with your key, cook your own breakfast in the kitchen instead of waiting for a free table in Smena (a trendy place for breakfast) and quickly run to get to know the city. You can find an apartment for a few days or weeks in any district of St. Petersburg – from houses on Nevsky to sleeping Kupchino and Grazhdanka.

It is believed that the prices for apartments in the center of St. Petersburg are some kind of space figures with a kilometer of zeros … Not at all. The range is from 3,000 rubles to 8,000 rubles per day for a pretty option. In search of a 1-, 2-, 3-room roof over our heads, we go to:


< p>With apartments in general, you can embody your every whim. If the hotels are mostly faceless, adjusted either to the standards of stardom or to the price level, then in the private sector of housing you can find such curiosities, so inspired that there is a desire to acquire real estate in the Northern capital 🙂

I really I like duplex apartments or studios – when the bed is under the ceiling, brickwork on the walls, loft style. For some people – profitable houses of pre-revolutionary times: with a carved stove, old parquet, stucco.

Let's show more specifically how beautiful housing can be found in St. Petersburg:

  1. Green Forest two-level studio (Mayakovskaya metro station) – as soon as someone in our friendly chat mentions a trip to St. Petersburg, this studio is thrown off first. For me, this is a cool example of the transformation of a former room in a communal apartment into housing that is booked as tickets to the Hermitage (if you don’t get it, the owner has several more similar studios in stock). Price in summer – 6500 rubles per day, in late autumn – 4000 rubles.
  2. Dvushka in the Petersburg style (Sadovaya metro station) is an almost 100-meter apartment for four, which has retained its charming simplicity and historical details. There is not only a stove and parquet, but also a view of the roofs of St. Petersburg and a line in the description that Gogol lived in the house. Price in summer – 6000 rubles per day, in late autumn – 3000 rubles.
  3. A five-room modern in the center – oh, this, of course, is incredibly atmospheric. I will modestly keep silent about the price (but it can be divided into 12 guests!). Apartment-museum, apartment-Petersburg. Four tiled stoves in the apartment, a piano, a library…you don't have to leave such a palace.

Prices for tours

Buy a ready-made tour – why not? Tour operators work not only with Turkey and Thailand, but also with large cities of our vast country.

  • The price of a trip to St. Petersburg “package” depends on the city of departure. But on average – on the example of Kazan, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod – it starts from 30,000 rubles for two people with flights and accommodation. As well as to foreign resorts, the most profitable option to St. Petersburg for the dates you need will be found by the main tour search engines – Travelata or OnlineTours.

To better orient readers, I have compiled a table with the most interesting options for hotels and apartments available on a tour, and divided into three categories by the number of days.

Prices for tours to St. Petersburg:

For 3 days For 5 days For a week
4* Hotel Moscow from 30,600 rubles from 42,400 rubles from 52,000 rubles
3* Hotel Russia from 33,500 rubles from 44,300 rubles from 48,600 rubles
3* Station S13 from 32,000 rubles from 44,900 rubles from 55,300 rubles

Attraction prices< /h2>

How much does a trip to St. Petersburg cost in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

So, we flew in and settled in. We set off to get acquainted with the city and take pictures of the sights in St. Petersburg.

First things to see (and how much it costs):

  • Of course, Palace Square and Hermitage.Without them, nowhere. If time permits, the Hermitage should be explored not only from the outside.

Entrance tickets — 500 rubles. They can be bought at the box office of the palace itself, on the website or through payment terminals (located in the courtyard of the Hermitage). When buying at the box office, have your passport with you. Otherwise, you will be sold a ticket as a resident of another country, and this is much more expensive.

Advice.If you have never seen the Hermitage, get to Dvortsovaya along Nevsky Prospekt to enter the square through the Arch of the General Staff Building. Wow effect! guaranteed. And at other times (and they will certainly be) change the route: walk along Millionnaya Street or take a walk along the Alexander Garden, past the Admiralty.

  • St. Isaac's and Kazan Cathedrals . At least just walk past. Better several times and from all sides. In summer, you can (and should) climb the Isaac Colonnade.

Ticket price: entrance to St. Isaac's Cathedral – 450 rubles; colonnade – 300 rubles; Kazan Cathedral – admission is free. In summer, the ascent to the colonnade is open around the clock. Therefore, it would be great to see the city as birds see it, just in one of the white nights.

How much does a trip to St. Petersburg cost in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

How much is a trip to St. Petersburg in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

  • Peter and Paul Fortress. The heart of the whole city and probably one of its most recognizable silhouettes.

Entrance to the territory of the fortress is free. But you need a ticket to each of the museums, as well as to the Peter and Paul Cathedral with a tomb. What to do here? Count all the hares (it’s not without reason that the island of Hare), get a little deaf from the midday cannon (a salvo every day at 12:00), be surprised at the proportions of the Shemyakinskaya sculpture of Peter I (“seriously? .. was the emperor like that?”), go to the museum of astronautics and the museum of money , be silent in the Grand Duke's tomb.

Ticket price: Peter and Paul Cathedral and the tomb – 550 rubles; prison of the Trubetskoy bastion or exposition on the territory of Petropavlovka – 250 rubles; Museum of Cosmonautics – 200 rubles. It is more profitable to purchase a complex ticket, which includes all of the above museums, for 750 rubles.

  • Be sure to go to the nearest suburbs. Wherever you look, there are completely royal residences.

First you need to visit Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo). There are palaces and parks here – recently, after a long restoration, the renovated Alexander Park was opened. The famous Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, where Alexander Sergeevich studied, is also here.

Ticket price: Ekaterininsky Park – 170 rubles (from September 1 to mid-April admission is free); Catherine Palace – 900 rubles; Alexander Park — admission is free.

How much is a trip to St. Petersburg in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

  • Peterhof, of course, you also need to make it in time. You can get there either by land or by water – which is already interesting in itself. Well, and fountains!

The price for Meteor from St. Petersburg is from 990 rubles. Ticket price: Lower Park – 600 rubles; Grand Peterhof Palace – 600 rubles. In addition, there are a lot of interesting places in Peterhof, about which you can write a separate large article. But I don't need to do this, since such an article already exists.

And this is only a small part of the postcard places in St. Petersburg. You can read about the less obvious corners of the city in the text at the link.

How much do excursions cost in St. Petersburg?

How much does a trip to St. Petersburg cost in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

We really liked the individual tour of the canals in St. Petersburg

As for the flight and hotel, the prices for excursions can be accurately calculated in advance. From group bus tours of the main attractions of the city to author's tours for several people, all excursions are collected online on the sites:

  • Tripster — I love this service for its non-standard approach (I have a tour of the oldest pharmacy in the city in my marks)
  • Sputnik8 — but here I like the St. Petersburg classics (Peterhof, water, roofs)

Where else can a curious tourist go? In the summer season, newcomers to the city undergo guided baptism in two ways. They climb onto the roof – not on any, of course, and not just like that, but with an experienced guide. The roofs of St. Petersburg have been among the top excursions for more than a year. An hour of such a pastime costs from 900 rubles. Or book a boat trip. What do we have Peter? That's right – Venice of the North. Therefore, it is a sin not to ride boats. And let me remind you that the main duty of any tourist in St. Petersburg is to draw bridges! Breeding is best during white nights (end of May-first half of June) and best from water.

How much does a trip to St. Petersburg cost in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

How much is a trip to St. Petersburg in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

I also highly recommend taking a walk with a rooftop tour and a trip to Karelia

Prices for excursions in St. Petersburg — 2022:

< td>Bus tour to Vyborg
Adult Children
Sightseeing bus tour + Hermitage 2000 rubles 1600 rubles
A walk around St. Petersburg and the Peter and Paul Fortress 1200 rubles 650 rubles
Pushkin (Park, Palace and Amber Room) 2700 rubles 1000 rubles
Peterhof (Park + Palace) 2800 rubles 1000 rubles
Water excursion “Night Petersburg” 1800 rubles 1400 rubles
See the city from the roof 1590 rubles
1590 rubles 1400 rubles
Ruskeala Marble Canyon (Karelia) –
bus tour
2150 rubles 1990 rubles

Food prices

How much does a trip to St. Petersburg cost in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

How much is a trip to St. Petersburg in 2022? Prices, budget and my review< /p>

Numerous bakeries and coffee houses in St. Petersburg are suitable for a snack on the run or a coffee break. I declare with all responsibility: St. Petersburg is a city of rolls and coffee!

My favorites are Volchek's Bakeries and Baker's Shop (in the latter, from 12:00 to 14:00, there are discounts on stuffed pies and stunning rolls). In addition to them, Petersburgers most often drop in at Shop 85 and Khlebnik.

The price category is approximately the same everywhere:

  • Classic eclair – 55-58 rubles
  • Chocolate donut – 49-54 rubles
  • French baguette – 36-40 rubles
  • Fruit bread (Volchek's best) – 150 rubles

There are also a myriad of points with delicious modern takeaway coffee in the city. I advise you to drink a cup in Skuratov on the street. Malaya Posadskaya, 4 (Gorkovskaya metro station) or look into one of the network More Coffee. The price of coffee both there and there starts from 200 rubles – the average cost in the city.

In general, prices in St. Petersburg in cafes start at 150 rubles per dish. For a substantial lunch, you can go to the dining room. These, of course, are not Soviet workers' canteens, but the principle is preserved (and in some, the surroundings): distribution with trays, a choice of main dishes in 2-3 options and compote! A hungry traveler will definitely not slip past such establishments: the word Dining Room appears in the names one way or another (Table Plate, Table Spoon, Dining Room No. 1, etc.). 300–350 rubles.

If you still want something more interesting than borsch with cabbage salad, you can go to the Caucasian khinkal-khachapur restaurant, find some Asian cuisine, or look into a trendy and well-known place on social networks.

How much does a trip to St. Petersburg cost in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

How much does a trip to St. Petersburg cost in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

  • Khachapuri and wine – Caucasian abundance, average prices (a hearty lunch for one from 500 rubles) and its own shop with coffee and cheese. The place to go for dinner.
  • Grandfather Ho– amazing Vietnamese business lunches, all dishes in which are named like syllables in the alphabet of a first-grader;) The price of pleasure is from 430 rubles.
  • Change – breakfast all day from six positions in within 250–600 rubles and good coffee for 170–300 rubles; be careful, there can be queues in the morning on weekends.
  • Futura– incredible rolls in the most modern interpretation for 300 rubles (cruffins, croissants, brioches – I have a suspicion that the chefs took lessons from Scandinavian bakers) plus excellent cuisine, which changes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • < li> Aster — a very cool cafe for breakfasts from 9:00 to 14:00 (any variations of eggs, cereals and toasts for 500–700 rubles) and for dinners until 23:00 (500–1000 rubles per dish and clear products in the composition).

  • Subzero Sushi– I think you have not tried such rolls and sushi yet: extremely aesthetically pleasing, rich in tastes and ingredients, adequately priced – 650-850 rubles per serving (if you get lost in the menu, keep in mind the proven version with Philadelphia, it is good here).

As any tourist knows, the day doesn't end with dinner. To everyone whose evening promises to be languid, I advise you to go to Rubinstein Street or Nekrasov Street. It's full of nightlife!

Mollie's Pub. The one from the early books of Sergei Lukyanenko! You can drink a glass of beer in such a place with history for 150 rubles and 750 rubles.
Restaurant Oh! Cuba. Live music and Caribbean cuisine in the middle of foggy St. Petersburg with an average bill of 1500 rubles (complete Cuban democracy!).
Cocktail Bar Flowers. A chamber, but very pleasant place where you will be treated to a St. Petersburg Sling and a Dovlatov cocktail (350–500 rubles).
Bar Piers 28. Informal atmosphere and author's cocktails from unusual dishes until 1 am (until 5 am on weekends) – for 500–950 rubles.

In conditions of an independent trip to St. Petersburg, at least a couple of times you will have to buy in a supermarket.

Prices in St. Petersburg for groceries in 2022:

  • milk – from 60 rubles< /li>
  • eggs, 10 pcs – from 52 rubles
  • bread – from 50 rubles
  • cheese, 100 gr – 60–70 rubles
  • sausage (decent) – from 250 rubles
  • tea (packaged) – from 60 rubles
  • a bottle of water, 1.5 l – 56 rubles

Transport and car rental

How much does a trip to St. Petersburg cost in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

Getting acquainted with St. Petersburg, it is easy to get by with only city public transport. Firstly, all the main attractions are concentrated around three or four metro stations in the center. And you can easily walk between them. Secondly, even if you have a car, it’s better not to drive to the center, because there is a problem with parking.

Transport prices in St. Petersburg in 2022:

  • Ground transport – 60 rubles
  • Metro – 65 rubles

These are the so-called “guest” tariffs: the cost for one-time trips.

And yet, to carry out all Napoleonic plans, it is sometimes better to get behind the wheel. For example, in carsharing. In St. Petersburg, this can be done through Yandex.Drive, Citydrive or Delimobil. The most budget option is at Citydrive, where the daily rate costs from 1,500 rubles.

How much does a trip to St. Petersburg cost in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

How much does a trip to St. Petersburg cost in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

When renting a car, ask about the availability of a transponder that allows you to pass toll sections of the road (WHSD *, for example) without a queue for payment. Money is withdrawn automatically. The bill comes as a separate check when you return the rental car.

Tip.If you are not a driver, but want to move faster, rent an electric scooter. YandexGo parking lots are scattered throughout the city in the most unexpected places: you definitely won’t pass by. Cost: per minute rate – 1 minute/5 rubles.

*And here is an idea for another cute route. The WHSD is the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter, a toll section of the road connecting the north and south of the Ring Road. I highly recommend driving around it. Passes through Vasilyevsky Island directly above the Gulf. The highway itself is notable for its spectacular curves and rib-shaped lantern frame – the feeling that you are driving inside a dinosaur skeleton! Views along the way: port cranes, the dome of St. Isaac on the horizon on one side and the expanse of the Gulf on the other, ahead is the huge “corn” of the Lakhta Center, the space flying saucer of the Zenit Arena stadium and the giant flagpole with the Zenith banner. And so that the trip along the WHSD is not aimless, you can drive to Zelenogorsk or Sestroretsk – you will surely like both towns.

How to get from the airport to the city?

To get from the airport to the hotel/apartments, you can take bus number 39 or number 39E, following to the metro station Moskovskaya. Or call Yandex taxi. A bus ride will cost 60 rubles per person + metro fare. Taxi – 500–700 rubles to Rubinstein.

Trip to St. Petersburg on your own: tips from a local resident

How much does a trip to St. Petersburg cost in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

We were in St. Petersburg in January, and we also really enjoyed it! As they say, there is no bad weather, only bad clothes

Judging by our friendly chats, a trip to St. Petersburg in 2022 is a very popular entertainment in the absence of open European routes. I'll give you some tips that weren't included in the sections above:

  • Don't be afraid to come to St. Petersburg out of season! White nights are, of course, beautiful. But the city is good at any time of the year – the same winter in St. Petersburg is fabulously beautiful. I even wrote a separate article on this topic. Look at the photos, and if you couldn't come in May-June, then maybe visit us in the winter?Prices in St. Petersburg are rising, as elsewhere. But there are entertainments that won't cost you a dime. Where you can go for free in St. Petersburg:

— Parks: Alexander Park in Pushkin, Zelenogorsk Park of Culture and Leisure and Summer Garden. Please note: the latter works according to the schedule, Tuesday is a day off.
– City holidays: City Day and Scarlet Sails. A rare tourist does not want to get to St. Petersburg these days.
— Concerts on Palace Square: organized as part of festivals or on their own.
— Churches and temples: everything is clear here and so
— Hand-made fairs: held once a season, almost every time in new places. The most popular are “Petersburg Fair” and “Author's Things”.
– Book fairs: held both in winter and summer. The largest one (Petersburg Book Salon) is dedicated to City Day.
— All kinds of festivals: for example, the Smelt Festival or the Ice Cream Festival.

  • To significantly save money during a trip to St. Petersburg, you can purchase a long-term travel pass “Podorozhnik” (60 rubles), deposit a certain amount and use it like an electronic wallet. If you plan to use only the metro, you can pay with the Mir card – this will be the most profitable. But such a discount is valid only in the metro.

The result – how much does a trip to St. Petersburg cost for 3 days?

< p>How much does a trip to St. Petersburg cost in 2022? Prices, budget and my review

I think I took into account all the components of a standard trip. It remains to put them together and calculate how much a trip to St. Petersburg costs in 2022.

In order not to be embarrassed by a high price tag or reassuring by a low one, I will take the average price for calculation. Input data – 1 person, 3 days/3 nights in St. Petersburg:

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