How can a VPN service be useful when traveling?

Let's talk about why it might be a good idea to download a VPN before you start your journey.

How can a VPN service be useful while traveling?

How can a VPN be useful when traveling?

1. Mask IP address

When you use the Internet without a VPN, in addition to your packets, anyone can see your IP address of your device. Using a VPN, you can repackage data into new packets, that is, fold “small envelopes” in one “big envelope” and enter new IP addresses on the VPN server for them. After these manipulations, you can see you, but find out who you are or track you down — impossible.

2. Unblock live content (including TV) that may be restricted

A VPN will help you unblock almost any content that is restricted in a particular country. Much of the online content is protected by national and international copyright laws. Thus, such a “blocked” You can watch content only if you are a citizen of this country, or if you use Internet resources while in its territory. However, a VPN can help you with this, because if you go online to a server located in the country itself, you can watch this content at any time.

3. Avoid internet censorship/”hostile” interference governments

Some adventure travelers like to go to “hotspots” where the government may be unfriendly or Internet content may be heavily censored. With a VPN, you can not only bypass censorship, but also avoid detection by unfriendly “users”.

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