How Anna Sedokova spends time in the Dominican Republic

Family discord and vacation alone.

How Anna Sedokova spends her time in the Dominican Republic

How Anna Sedokova spends her time in the Dominican Republic

Anna Sedokova's fans began to worry when they learned that the singer went on vacation to Dominican Republic is one. The star shared that she made the decision to make a sudden change of scenery due to psychological issues and illness. As Anna stated, she missed her rich past, and her current life has ceased to bring her pleasure.

In order to dispel rumors of discord in relations with her husband, the singer shared a joint photo with her husband with subscribers. He, along with his son, joined Anna on vacation. According to Sedokova, the trip gave her the opportunity to look at life from a different angle and begin to appreciate her family.

“This trip was transformational for me and changed many things in life. Just buying a ticket one morning and flying away from everyone, I realized how much everything means to me, how grateful I am. And how madly I love them,” the Russian pop star admitted.

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