Holidays in China by the sea 2021 (Tips for organizing)

China Seaside Vacation 2021 (Organization Tips)

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When planning a vacation in China by the sea, there is no doubt about the correctness of the choice. In addition to beautiful beaches and mirror-clear water, you will be able to go on numerous excursions and visit the sights of China. The weather will be conducive to educational walks, because China has a rather mild climate. In addition, the nature here is very beautiful, which will also not leave vacationers indifferent.

China Seaside Vacation 2021 (Organization Tips)

Seaside Holidays in China

Rest in China on the sea on the island of Hainan

It is the rest in China at the sea in the resort of Hainan that has become especially popular today. This is a province that includes the island of the same name and several other small islands washed by the South China Sea. Here, vacationers can see beautiful, clean and fully landscaped beaches, where not only a relaxing pastime is offered, but also many active activities, such as windsurfing, diving, beach volleyball.

Chinese Seaside Holidays 2021 (Organization Tips)

Hainan Island, China

If you are planning a seaside holiday in China with your children, there are activities for them too. Numerous hotels hosting guests will be able to offer playgrounds, water rides and other activities that will impress young tourists.

To make your pastime more exciting, you should definitely visit one of the local restaurants or cafes, which offer unusual dishes of local cuisine. You also need to visit one of the rituals that the Chinese arrange for guests, for example, a wedding. This is a very bright and interesting action that will definitely remain in your memory for a long time.

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Features of a holiday on the Yellow Sea in China

Rest in China on the Yellow Sea is another option for an interesting pastime. The coastline is covered with yellow sand, which is why the sea got its name. It has everything you might need for a comfortable and exciting holiday. When planning a tour, you just need to choose the resort where you would like to go. Prices from Chita and other flight directions will also depend on this. These could be:

    Beidaihe is a cozy resort where officials used to rest mainly. Now it is available to everyone, ready to offer numerous hotels and sanatoriums where you can undergo wellness treatments; Weihai – becomes the choice of those who wish to purchase Chinese goods and souvenirs, because, in addition to a beach holiday, shopping is well developed here; Dalian – it is called a paradise for tourists. Here you can find entertainment for every taste: shopping, beach holidays, water and other attractions, rental of water transport, etc.; Qingdao is a beautiful resort city, which is also characterized by high attendance. Developed infrastructure allows you to organize a holiday in any desired way; Yantai – despite the fact that this is an industrial metropolis, it is also very suitable for recreation. There are many interesting entertainments here, the beaches delight with well-being and cleanliness.

It remains only to decide which sea to choose for a holiday in China, which resort to go to.

China Sea Vacation 2021 (Organization Tips)

Beidaihe, China

When to plan a seaside vacation in China

It remains to decide the issue of time. Of course, if you want to enjoy warm water, sunbathe in the sun, then it is better to fly to China in the summer. At this time, the most suitable weather is observed. It may differ depending on the chosen resort, because the state is located in three climatic zones. It is coolest in the central and northern parts. Even if you organize a seaside vacation in China in August, the air temperature will be at around 22-24 degrees, as in June. The water is warm enough though. On the islands, its temperature is 26 degrees. In the southern regions it is hotter, the thermometers rise above 25 degrees in summer. This should be taken into account when planning a seaside vacation in China in July – at the peak of the summer heat.

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Chinese Seaside Vacation 2021 (Organization Tips)

Holidays in China at sea

You can plan a tour at the beginning of autumn, when the water has not yet cooled down, so you can swim in plenty. There are still a lot of people in September, but the cost of vouchers begins to gradually decrease. If the main goal is to get acquainted with local attractions, you can fly to seaside holidays in China in October. The water is already cooler, but you can still swim. The weather favors visiting numerous excursions. Prices please with availability.

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