Hitler's house to host human rights training for visitors

Hitler's house in Austria will be reconstructed into a police station. Hitler's house to host human rights training for visitors

Human rights training for visitors will be held at Hitler's house

< i>Hitler's house to host human rights training for visitors

It was decided to hold reconstruction in the house of Hitler in the city of Braunau, where he lived until the age of 3, was previously planned to be demolished. Reconstruction will begin in the autumn, after which the house will be used for human rights training for the police.

In 2016, after many years of disputes with Gerlinde Pommer, the last owner of the house, it came under the control of the Austrian authorities. Prior to this, the woman received payments in the amount of 5 thousand euros, and the building itself was used as a center for people with disabilities.

In 2019, the house became the property of the government, compensation was paid to the owner – 810 thousand euros . The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country reported: “The future use of this house for the needs of the police should clearly demonstrate that this building will never again remind of National Socialism.”

Brownau is a small ancient city in Upper Austria, located near the border with Germany. Hitler was born there in 1889, but when he was 3 years old, the family moved. In 1938, the Nazis bought the house, and in 1952, after the death of Hitler, the house was returned to the relatives of Gerlinde Pommer.

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