High prices in Turkey struck Ksenia Borodina

While vacationing in Bodrum, the TV presenter noted that prices in local restaurants and shops have increased significantly.

High prices in Turkey hit Ksenia Borodina

High prices in Turkey struck Ksenia Borodina

 TV presenter Ksenia Borodina complained about the high prices she faced while vacationing with her children in Turkey. She usually prefers all-inclusive hotels, but this year she was surprised by the cost of goods in local shops and restaurants.

Ksenia noted that she understands that everyone has different needs and opportunities, and prices can be individual, but a sharp increase in the bill for food in restaurants up to 100 thousand rubles is disappointing.

She also noted that the prices for branded goods also rose significantly. Borodina compared the situation with last year and said that then there were more affordable prices and the opportunity to buy well-known branded items at a significant discount.

In addition, Ksenia is a fan of Turkish TV shows and admitted that she watches local channels every evening before bedtime. She expressed her opinion about the Russian version of the popular Turkish drama comedy Knock on My Door, saying that she does not expect too much from the Russian project, since, in her opinion, the copy is always worse than the original.

Recall, Ksenia Borodina divorced her second husband, businessman Kurban Omarov, two years ago. Now the star is also sharing information with subscribers about his inner transformation after working with a psychologist. Borodina noted that she does not like weak men who cannot admit their guilt.

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