Guests the best. Border guards greeted tourists with chocolate and apples

Special Service organized an unusual campaign

The best for the guests. The border guards greeted the tourists with chocolate and apples

The best for the guests. Border guards greeted tourists with chocolate and apples

On October 25, Kazakhstan celebrates a national holiday – Republic Day. In honor of him, the border guards of the country's largest airports – Astana and Almaty – staged an unusual action.

The law enforcement officers greet foreign tourists not with gloomy faces and checks, but with memorable gifts: souvenir Kazakhstani chocolate with postcards for the Republic Day. They contain information about the holiday, as well as contacts of the border service in case of emergency situations or questions.

In Almaty, apples, the symbol of the largest city of Kazakhstan, were added to the festive set. "Alma" in Kazakh it means “apple”.

“This kind of border control service is appreciated by the guests,” according to the National Security Committee (KNB, a special service) of Kazakhstan.

Another innovation for the holiday is the introduction of the E-Gate complex for contactless border control. It will reduce the time for checking passengers and eliminate the human factor.

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