Greece is on fire

Greek authorities continue to evacuate tourists and locals.

Greece on fire

Greece on fire

According to local newspapers, in Greece, in addition to the island of Rhodes, residents and tourists are also being evacuated due to strong forest fires on the island of Corfu.

So, last night from Corfu 2466 people were evacuated, private vessels and coast guard boats participated in the operation. Fortunately, the fire has not yet reached private homes and hotels. Local authorities believe that the fires could have been caused not only by abnormal heat, but also by deliberate arson.

In addition, the island of Euboea is suffering from fires, where the authorities recommended that residents of four southern settlements move to the city of Karistos, located west of the places affected by the fire.

Recall that on July 23 a new temperature record was set in Greece: the air in the city of Yithion on the southern part of the Pe peninsula loponnese warmed up to +46.4°C. A total of 82 fires continue across the country, 64 of which broke out on Sunday.

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