Great projects are born in partnership!

At the end of November, an info tour took place in Voronezh. The emphasis of the event was on visiting multi-format hotels in Voronezh, so that colleagues from travel companies in Moscow, Lipetsk, Tula, Belgorod regions could personally see the decent level of hotels in the city

Great projects are born in partnership!

Great projects are born in partnership!

The presentations of zest objects were not forgotten and held  city.

The business program was successfully held at the Yamskoy Voronezh Hotel, which demonstrated its capabilities as a MICE venue.

Official presentations of tourist sites, lively interesting communication and exchange of experience, participation in a culinary show left vivid impressions on the guests of the tour.

Great projects are born in partnership!

Gastronomic Travel Partner  KUKHMISTER @kuxmister Dmitry Vyrodov conquered not only the stomachs, but also won the hearts of all the guests so that even the residents of Voronezh wanted to come to their place!

Many thanks for the bright, interesting stories about their unique programs and venues: the Palace of Oldenburg, VOHM them. I.N. Kramskoy Park White Well | El Evento | @Voronezh State Nature Reserve, , Petrovsky Ships Museum @Russian Bath Museum

Event organizers — project office for tourism of the Voronezh region; TIC of Voronezh; Tour operator «World guide»; Hotel Yamskoy Voronezh; Benefit Plaza Hotel Voronezh.

The representatives of the Yamskaya Hotel received their first review of the trip even before the end of the info tour, being on a business trip. In St. Petersburg, the deputy director of the Tula travel company approached the hotel representative: » my director is now in Voronezh, on the info tour. That is so cool! And ingenious!  And it really is!

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