Germany tightened visa requirements for Russians

Russians who want to get a German visa must now submit a bank statement operating in the European Union.

Germany tightened visa requirements for Russians

Germany tightened visa requirements visa requirements for Russians the applicant must provide an extract from a bank operating in the EU. This is necessary to confirm that he will have enough money for the duration of his stay in the Schengen area. “Only up-to-date statements issued in the name of the applicant from a verifiable bank operating in EU member states may be accepted for consideration. The document must include information on the current amount of funds in the account(s). Applicant must provide relevant bank statements for the last three months,— says the document on the website of the VisaMetric company, officially authorized to receive and process visa applications at the German embassy and consulates in Russia. This requirement appeared in the list of documents required to obtain a tourist and business visa, for private visits, for participants in scientific, cultural, sports events and for a visa for medical treatment. On September 12, the European Union officially suspended visa facilitation with Russia. The procedure for applying for a Schengen visa has become more expensive, and the EU countries have the right to set their own visa restrictions for Russians. According to a study by VTsIOM, 2% of Russian citizens have a Schengen visa, and 69% of residents have never been outside the country.

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