Fujairah in December: the best beach emirate

Fujairah is separated from its emirate neighbors by the high Hajar Mountains and is the only emirate that does not have access to the Persian Gulf. However, the clear waters and white sand beaches on the coast of the Gulf of Oman have attracted businessmen who have created conditions for a good rest, the best snorkeling and diving in the region.

Fujairah in December becomes less crowded with tourists, and the weather is pleasant for those who likes moderate heat and avoids heat. About how family tourists speak about the rest at this resort in the first month of winter, tells further “Kidpassage”.

Fujairah in December: the best beach emirate

Vacation in Fujairah in December: the pros and cons of the resort

The windy season, which covers the rest of the emirates and provokes a reduction in prices for tours before Christmas, is milder in Fujairah. No wonder the emirate specializes in beach holidays and among the inhabitants of the country is a favorite place for lazy relaxation.

At the end of the month, only decorated Christmas trees in shopping centers remind of the upcoming holidays in the resort. In all other respects, the approach of the New Year for a visiting traveler is not marked by anything, except for natural exoticism, which cannot be found in Europe.

Let's note the significant advantagesof a December vacation in the emirate:

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  • warm and sunny weather suitable for beach and outdoor activities;
  • a large selection of sightseeing vacation options;
  • discounts on hotel accommodation before the Christmas holidays;
  • desert beaches;
  • an opportunity to celebrate the New Year in an exotic setting.
  • Besides, towards the end of the month, the sea becomes more transparent, which improves diving conditions.

    Let's note the disadvantages of rest in several points:

    • the exciting atmosphere of the pre-Christmas, Christmas and pre-New Year period is not felt in comparison with European resorts;
    • cold winds, fogs, “red tides”, dust storms, night cooling are likely;
    • the sea is cooling down .

    Tourists leave good reviews about the rest in Fujairah in December, noting that within the walls of the hotels you will not feel all the beauty of the resort. If you want to feel the history and nature of the emirate, then this goal cannot be achieved even in two weeks.

    The weather in Fujairah in December

    The weather in December is suitable for sunbathing without fear of the rays of the scorching desert sun and swimming in the warm waters of the Gulf of Oman. January is one of the coolest periods of the year.

    Weather in early December — warm and comfortable, at times — hot. Clear skies and a weak east wind create conditions for recreation that are close to ideal. The temperature in Fujairah drops in mid-December, the thermometer shows values ​​close to +25 °C. The difference between day and night air temperatures is several degrees. There is a possibility that after one or two rains, in combination with a northerly wind, the air temperature will briefly drop to +18 °C. At the end of December, the weather in Fujairah — the coolest of the entire period.

    Air and water temperatures

    The average daily temperature in Fujairah in December is above +20 °C for almost the entire month. The minimum daily average temperature is fixed at +13 °C, so you should take a few warm clothes on the road in case of short-term coolness. The desert climate of the country in this area is more humid: in winter and early spring, the annual maximum rainfall falls here.

    Air temperature in Fujairah in December

    The average daily air temperature in Fujairah in December reaches + 24.2 °C, and the average night is +20 °C. For about 10 days of the month, the average daily temperature stays above +25 °C and only 3 days — below +20 °C.

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    Sea temperature in Fujairah in December

    The average water temperature in the Gulf of Oman off the coast of Fujairah is +25.1 °C. By the end of the month, the sea cools down to +21…22°C.   


    In December, an average of 14.8 mm of precipitation falls on one or two rainy days. The first month of winter is referred to as the rainiest months of the year.

    Sunny, cloudy and overcast days

    Sunny days in Fujairah are usually 29 out of 31, overcast can be observed for no more than 2.7 days. The average daily sunshine is 10 hours.

    Beach break

    Fujairah in December: the best beach emirate

    Vacationers from other emirates come to the beach resort of Fujairah in winter, not only because it is warmer here, but also because you can see dolphins, huge turtles, cuttlefish and harmless reef sharks right from the shore. The beaches of Fujairah are ideal for diving and for a calm, measured family vacation. You probably won’t hear about their overcrowding: the coastal area — very long, so there is enough space for everyone.

    The conditions for a beach holiday in Fujairah in December are excellent until the middle of the month: at this time it is good to sunbathe and swim comfortably. At the end of December, the sea cools even more, and not every tourist will like cool water, which you need to enter slowly, gradually getting used to its temperature. In windy weather, it is more comfortable to get out of the water when the air is hot. It happens after 10:00. The wind does not bring much discomfort if you lie on the sand or behind protective shutters.

    Winter sun — quite active, and you can burn out quickly, but, in general, the winter months are great for getting an even and beautiful tan. Hotels take care of the cleanliness of the territories and the availability of beach equipment for guests. Some beaches have trampolines and slides, open-air pools with heated fresh water, where you can safely swim with children.

    Tourists are happy to get to the small beach of Snoopy Island, famous for its rich underwater world. Taking into account the time of high and low tides, which are noticeable in this area, it is best to dive in the morning, before 8:00-10:00, when a lot of fish swim. If you have the strength to cope with a strong current, you should swim behind the rock. At low tide, you can reach the rock up to your waist in water.

    Sightseeing holidays

    Fujairah in December: the best beach emirate

    The main beauties of Fujairah are not in buildings, but in nature, which is more beautiful here than in the rest of the emirates of the country. Already in early December, travel takes place in favorable weather conditions: the desert sun is merciful, and refreshing rain is perceived as a blessing. Fertile valleys and picturesque streams-waterfalls running down from the rocks are filled with life-giving moisture in December. When traveling through the desert, you should be prepared for the cool of the evening, — locals wrap themselves in warm clothes in winter.

    • Things to do with kids in Fujairah

    A convenient and economical way to travel — is it a rented car or taxi. From the capital of the emirate, you can move north, in the direction of the towns of Badia, Bitna, Dibba, to see the ancient fort and mosque, archaeological excavations, and an ancient Muslim cemetery. There is also a dilapidated fort in Fujairah. The capital also attracts tourists with new art objects.

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    For a nominal fee, the Fujairah Local History Museum receives visitors. Among the exhibits — traditional clothing, tools, decorations of the Emiratis, an extensive collection of archeological finds. Traditional Heritage Village — This is an open-air historical and cultural museum located in the suburbs of the capital. Especially for tourists, folk dances are demonstrated on the territory, a traditional way of pumping water from a well with the help of bulls.

    From Fujairah, trips are organized to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities of the United Arab Emirates, as well as to Oman. The list of excursions in autumn and winter is simply magnificent.

    Active rest

    Fujairah in December: best beach emirate

    Diving is well developed in Fujairah. It has a remarkable feature: the dive sites are strikingly different from each other. A favorable time for this type of outdoor activity begins in January, when the water is as clear as possible. In autumn and early winter, during the "red tides", in the coastal zone, the water becomes cloudy, algae, dead mollusks and corals are deposited. At this time, any diving in the waters of the Gulf of Oman is undesirable.

    You can rent boats, yachts, water skis or a scooter for boat trips, book a fishing tour or other services at the Fujairah International Marine Club, which is the emirate's center of marine entertainment. On the territory of the marine club there is a billiards room and a basketball court, which allows you to combine marine leisure with sports entertainment on land. A large number of tankers, pleasure and fishing boats create intense traffic at sea.

    In the shopping and entertainment centers of the city of Fujairah for young tourists, children's themed play areas are provided, which include bowling, educational games, cars, slides, swings, children's cinema, attractions. Fujairah Mall has go-karting and laser shooting. On hot days, you can hide from the rays of the scorching sun and have a great time with the whole family.

    Holidays, events and festivals

    Secular holidays in Fujairah are few in December, and the deep religiosity of the local population is manifested in Muslim holidays, the date of which shifts from year to year by 11 days ago.

    December 2, the country celebrates The day of its formation< /strong>, i.e., the creation of a new federal state of the UAE, which initially included six emirates. Traditionally, national day festivities last several days (December 2 & 3), and sometimes a week. At this time, state institutions and banks are closed, buildings are decorated with flags.

    On the embankments and squares, you can see festive performances and enjoy national cuisine. Exhibitions dedicated to the heritage of the country are certainly held, with photographs and unique exhibits.

    In December, tourists can visit traditional Friday bullfights and sea races.

    Prices for rest

    Fujairah in December: the best beach emirate

    Prices in Fujairah in December are not too high. It is believed that resorts in the UAE — not for the poor tourist, but this statement is true regarding entertainment and services. Accommodation and meals — very affordable categories, in terms of prices for which the UAE is inferior to Europe in the pre-Christmas period.


    In December, compared to November, there is no increase in the price of tours in the UAE: the seasonal discount can reach 15%. But for January tours, prices soar one and a half times, and then you won’t be able to relax for less than 700 & ndash; 800 euros.


    In In December, the cost of accommodation in Fujairah hotels tends to the level of November, which is approximately 10% lower than October prices. The next price increase should be expected from March to June. The average price per room is about 70 euros per night.

    • Family hotels in Fujairah
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    In December and January, airlines sell tickets to the UAE at the highest price of the year.  The rise in price in December is about 15% compared to the previous month.


    In shopping centers, the cost of a quick bite is from 10 euros per person: this includes coffee to go (almost 4 euros) or freshly squeezed juice (2.5 euros), a burger (7.5 euros). Prices  in the restaurant of a five-star hotel are approximately 20 euros per dish (kebab, meat, pizza, pasta, etc.), in local cafes you can eat 2–3 times cheaper.

    • Things to Eat in Fujairah: Emirati Cuisine and Food Price Review

    Fujairah Transfer — Dubai will cost an amount approximately equal to 60 & ndash; 70 euros (travel time — 1 h 15 min). To go on an excursion, you need to have at least 100 euros in your wallet.

    Recommendations for holidays with children

    Fujairah in December: best beach emirate

    A trip in the first month of winter to Fujairah can be safely carried by children of all ages. The historical heritage of the region and excursions to the desert will be of particular interest to teenagers. On the road, you should take sandals, swimwear, beach towels (if the choice fell on a hotel where there is no private beach), hats, sunglasses and creams, warm sweaters, a first aid kit, summer clothes covering the whole body, cosmetics.

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    On all beaches, do not neglect special coral slippers that will protect your feet from the ubiquitous sea urchins (there are especially a lot of them on Snoopy Island). Make sure your bath time doesn't coincide with the stinging plankton influx.

    When choosing a place to stay, focus on your needs. If you need the sea to be very close, settle in the towns of Dibba and Al-Aqa. Parents with infants who require special meals and diapers should choose the emirate's capital. Only here there are large stores that sell everything you need for such small children. The nearby villages are cozier, but they are more suitable for families with school-age children. There are also options for renting self-catering apartments in the capital.

    Please note that there are hotels in Fujairah where children up to a certain age are free of charge. And there are complexes where you don’t even have to pay for a buffet for teenagers. Family hotels are best suited for a happy holiday, offering services of a children's club, divided into age groups (for toddlers up to 1 year old, babies 3 & ndash; 4 years old, teenagers and teenagers), as well as babysitting services, children's furniture and equipment.

    Follow the example of European tourists and wipe everything you touch with antiseptic wipes; do not drink water from open sources; eat your usual food at first, gradually getting used to the local cuisine. Study the country's traditions, rules and prohibitions so as not to get into a mess or get a fine (for example, for eating and drinking, making noise in a public place).

    Choosing a winter holiday in the UAE, you find yourself in summer with all its goodies and save some money as the high season comes to an end. On the Kidpassage website, read the author's reviews of the sights of the UAE and decide for yourself what you should not miss when going on vacation to this warm country.

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