From swamps to cinema sites: new non-standard types of tourism

We talk about new trends in the tourism industry.

From swamps to film venues: new non-standard types of tourism

From swamps to film venues : new non-standard types of tourism

It is becoming increasingly difficult to surprise modern tourists. Even package tours cause them only irony. Event tourism, gastro and ecotours are no longer able to impress radical travelers. Let's look at what new and unusual destinations have appeared in tourism trends recently.

1. Jailoo tourism

This is a kind of mix of extreme and ecotourism, offering trips to little-known and sparsely populated corners of the planet. Jailoo tourism began to develop in Kyrgyzstan in the late 1990s, when local tour operators began taking European tourists to the steppes inhabited by indigenous people. Tourists were invited to spend the night in yurts and get acquainted with local customs and natural beauty. However, it is worth noting that on such trips you have to be prepared for everyday discomfort, for example, lack of communication and comfortable living conditions.

2. Film tourism

Film tourism offers a trip to the filming locations of famous films and the opportunity to repeat scenes from them. Moscow and St. Petersburg are famous “film locations” where many domestic and foreign films were created. Film studios and guides organize excursions to filming locations, for example, in St. Petersburg you can visit the locations where the film “Brother” was filmed, and in Moscow – the filming sites from “Night Watch”. In addition, filming took place in other regions of Russia, such as Teriberka, the Magadan region and the Usvinsky pillars of the Urals.

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3. Dark tourism

Another unusual trend is dark tourism. It offers trips to places associated with tragedy, death and mysticism, such as cemeteries, abandoned mental hospitals, catacombs and battlefields. Fans of horror and mystery can choose various types of dark tourism, including visits to disaster sites, sites with tragic histories and cemeteries.

4. Swamping

This is trekking through swamps for those who are not afraid of mosquitoes and enjoy difficult places. On these trips, you can see unique plants and animals that are found only in wetland ecosystems.

New and unusual tourism destinations therefore offer unique opportunities for travelers who are eager to experience something new and different. Jailoo tourism, film tourism, dark tourism and swamping – all these trends are distinguished by their originality and offer unforgettable experiences.

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