Frankfurt airport flooded

Heavy rain in Germany causes flooding and cancels flights in Frankfurt.

Airport flooded in Frankfurt, Germany

Airport flooded in Frankfurt, Germany

Authorities say heavy rain in parts of Germany has caused flooding and caused dozens of flights to be canceled at Frankfurt Airport, which is the busiest airport in the country and one of the largest European hubs.

According to the German news agency dpa, a large amount of water accumulated on the asphalt on Wednesday evening, and ground services were suspended for more than two hours.


According to the airport's website, by 11 pm, when overnight flights usually stop, about 70 flights had been canceled and 23 flights bound for Frankfurt were diverted to other airports.

Storm rains in the southwestern and central regions of Germany led to the flooding of basements and streets. In the city of Gelsenkirchen, located in the western Ruhr region, the fire department said people were rescued from their vehicles when several highway underpasses were submerged.

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