France to introduce unlimited rail pass

France has announced the release of an unlimited rail pass for 49 euros.

France will introduce an unlimited train pass

France will introduce an unlimited train pass

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France plans to introduce an unlimited rail pass next year, months after the country banned many domestic flights.

French Transport Minister Clément Bonnet said in an interview with French media that the rail pass is expected to be introduced by the summer. next year will allow you to make an unlimited number of trips throughout the country. After implementation, the cost of a railway pass will be about 49 euros (about 5,000 rubles) per month, Bonet added.

“The idea of ​​the Rail Pass is a simple device that is accessible to everyone, inexpensive, and allows unlimited travel to promote the use of trains,” Bonet said during the interview.

Bonet added: “The heart of the Rail Pass is should become regional express trains (TER) and Intercités, since these are daily trains.

The trains, he said, are “a daily train for many French people” who use them to travel to work, weekends and holidays.

The unlimited rail pass would follow similar schemes introduced by other European countries , including Portugal and Germany, which offer a ticket costing 49 euros.

Recall that in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, France introduced a ban on domestic air travel throughout the country in the presence of alternative rail connections. The ban applies to routes on which the train takes less than 2.5 hours, as well as routes on which there are several direct high-speed rail services per day.

In general, traveling by train is one of the best ways to travel around the world. Europe, as high-speed trains regularly travel between many major cities and countries. In France, SNCF operates both high-speed and regular long-distance trains, including 11 high-speed lines covering more than 1,600 km.

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