Former lover Danila Kozlovsky shared candid photos

Actress Olga Zueva posted a photo in which she enjoys a bath

Danila Kozlovsky's former lover shared candid photos

Danila Kozlovsky's former lover shared candid photos

Olga, the former partner of actor Danila Kozlovsky, lives in the USA and brings them up common daughter Odu-Valentina, born in 2020. Olga likes to spend time actively and this time she went for a walk along the sandy beach.

The actress published photos of her sunbathing on the sand. She wore a straw hat and jewelry with shimmering stones.

After a walk, the 35-year-old actress decided to take a bath. In the photo, she is posing in foamy water, and in the background, panoramic windows offer a view of the city.

Olga and Danila met thanks to mutual friends and first appeared together at the premiere of the film “Duhless-2”. They spent time on vacation in the Maldives, after which rumors about Olga's pregnancy appeared, and she flew to the United States to give birth to a child. The wedding did not take place, the couple decided to leave.

Nevertheless, the former lovers maintain friendly relations. Danila regularly visits her daughter, gives her gifts and monitors her growth. He feels guilty towards the child and plans to take care of her in the future.

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