Flight delayed in Dubai due to bear in cargo hold

The incident caused a wave of discontent on social networks.

Dubai flight postponed due to bear in cargo hold

< p>Dubai flight delayed due to bear in cargo hold

B Dubai on Saturday postponed a flight to Iraq due to an incident with a bear that broke the cage in the cargo hold and began to destroy luggage.

After complex manipulations, the bear was caught and euthanized. The flight delay caused dissatisfaction among passengers and outrage on social networks. As a result, the Iraqi Prime Minister ordered an investigation to find out how the bear managed to get out of the cage.

Iraqi Airways stated that they were not responsible for the bear's escape and that the transport procedure was carried out in accordance with international standards approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

In a video circulating on social networks, people are seen trying to remove a bear from the cargo hold of an aircraft.

Recently, Iraq has become It is popular to keep wild animals as pets, especially among wealthy residents, but the country's authorities are taking measures to prevent this practice and protect wild animals

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