Fans worry about singer Slava

The artist forgave the betrayal of her former partner and went on vacation with him.

Fans are worried about singer Slava

Fans are worried about singer Slava

Singer Slava went through an unpleasant period at the end of last year when she broke up with her partner Anatoly Danilitsky after 18 years of relationship. According to rumors, the reason for the gap was the betrayal of a businessman who is 28 years older than Slava. The singer openly showed her depressed state on social networks, while Danilitsky enjoyed freedom and had fun with other women in clubs.

Slava's fans were sure that she had finally ended her relationship with Danilitsky, and the singer herself stated, that is looking for a younger partner. However, perhaps the search did not bring the expected results, or the businessman realized his mistake, but the couple recently reunited. Slava happily announced that Danilitsky asked for forgiveness and again proposed to her, but she refused the wedding, as she had already done several times.

The singer noted that she was happy with Danilitsky, and after their separation relations became even stronger. In support of her words, Slava published a video with a businessman from vacation. From the video, it can be seen that the couple is in a resort and spends most of their time at the beach bar, where Danilitsky himself makes cocktails.

Some fans, however, were not happy for the singer. They drew attention to the trembling of Danilitsky's hands and expressed concern that he was instilling in Slava “wrong” ideas. habits.

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