Fans scared by Sievert's latest vacation photos

The singer admitted that she was deliberately losing weight.

Fans scared of Sievert's latest vacation photos

Fans scared of Sievert's latest vacation photos

Last year Yuliya Sievert shared her impressions with her fans that the pace of work was too intense. The girl frankly said that in the mirror she sees only her tired face, and chronic lack of sleep greatly affects her weight.

After a trip to Bali, the star lost even more weight, as a result of which the fans sounded the alarm. However, the singer said that everything is going according to plan.

“I am not sick with anything: everything is in order in terms of my health. I eat well, I just finally unloaded myself from a crazy schedule. Now sport has entered my life regularly and actively. I work out every day. «I dry myself» Right. The weight goes off precisely because of this, and not because I don’t eat, & raquo;, — the girl said.

She also added that she does not limit herself in sweet and junk food, but only tries to keep a balance. This is the secret of her harmony. According to Julia, now she is satisfied with her appearance.

“I don’t know how much I weigh now. I have never had a scale in my life. I check on my favorite jeans. Now they are sitting on my “buns” just the way it should be. So everything is going according to plan! — Julia confessed.

Sievert noted that the trip to Bali had changed her a lot. According to the sensations of the star, she feels more mature and has become more responsible in her life.

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