Fans of Renata Litvinova are sounding the alarm

The star posted pictures from her vacation online, in which many noticed her extreme thinness.

Renata Litvinova's fans are sounding the alarm

Renata Litvinova's fans are sounding the alarm

Renata Litvinova has repeatedly admitted that she is not interested in sports, but controls her diet. Probably, her strict dietary restrictions reached such a level that she began to look unusually thin.

Recently, the actress published a photo from a vacation in the pool, in which fans noticed her excessive thinness, many expressed their concern in the comments. However, it seems that Renata herself is happy with her appearance.

Dietitian Evgeniy Arzamastsev warns that such an attitude towards one’s health can be dangerous. It indicates possible problems such as vitamin deficiencies, problems with internal organs, decreased immunity, hormone imbalance and depression. All this can arise if a person follows strict diets and reduces his weight to a critical level.

Recall that Renata previously described her diet compiled by nutritionist Ekaterina Khomenko, whom she called “merciless.” According to the meal plan, Litvinova ate only two zucchini pancakes with the addition of an egg for the whole day.

In addition, although Renata hates sports, it was also included in her daily routine. The artist had to walk at least 10 thousand steps with weights on her arms and legs.

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