Excursions with diggers suspended in Moscow

Tours with diggers along the Neglinnaya in Moscow are temporarily suspended due to the death of people.

Excursions with diggers have been suspended in Moscow

Excursions with diggers have been suspended in Moscow

Several sites that previously offered tours of the Neglinnaya Underground River in Moscow have temporarily stopped booking coming dates or removed the pages associated with these tours after a tragic incident when several people died in a sewer.

“Due to the death of tourists on August 20 during a heavy rain, conducting tours of underground sewers in Moscow temporarily suspended. An investigation is currently underway and the identification of all participants in this excursion, including their names and location, “says a message published on the Moskultura web portal.

In addition, some sites that offered excursions with diggers, the information related to this type of tours was deleted.

On Monday, there were reports in the media that a group of tourists, supposedly consisting of 8 people, went on an excursion with diggers along the Neglinnaya River on August 20, when heavy rain hit the city. Due to the sudden rise in the water level, the sewer where they were was flooded. According to the latest data, rescuers found the bodies of three victims, including a minor. A criminal case was initiated on this occasion.

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